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BEATING.BLINKING for Bass Drums And Breaths

adam overton
page last updated Tue, 12 Aug 2008,  7:38pm PDT



4 movements for 4 bass drummers with 4 volunteers, using blinks, heartbeats, and breaths...



Keywords:   bass drums, breaths, blinks, pulse, heartbeat, experimental music
Duration:   12 minutes
# of Performers:   4, 6, 8






Recent Performances
have you performed this?


Tue, 12 April 2005
posted by ao, 09/02/10  Performed 04.12.2005 by Lewis Keller, Liam Mooney, Adam Overton, and Aaron Spafford with the help of audience members Rachel Arnold, Adam Fong, Cat Lamb, & Luke Taylor, as part of the Invisible Performance Workshop at Calarts
More info: http://plus1plus1plus.org/ipw/Tu-2005-04-12
video by George Wichelns


download from Archive.org




Fri, 11 June 2004
posted by ao, 09/09/08  premiered 11 June 2004 as part of Interchange 2, curated by D. Jean Hester
Gallery 825, Los Angeles
performed by Corey Fogel, Liam Mooney, Adam Overton, & Aaron Spafford
with the assistance (i.e. heartbeats & blinks) of 4 participants


download from Archive.org
(video footage by Charles Doran)





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