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For Woodwinds (Tonglen Variations)

adam overton
page last updated Tue, 21 Oct 2008,  4:51pm PDT



taking in and giving out, for woodwinds (or any wind instruments, really)...



Keywords:   meditation
Duration:   variable minutes
# of Performers:   for ensemble, 2 or more



Materials / Instrumentation / Performers
woodwinds, wind instruments






Score / Notes
meditation variations gathered from the internet while searching for "Tonglen Meditation"...



Recent Performances
have you performed this?


Fri,  3 August 2012
posted by ao, 08/31/12  Let’s Start With The Obvious


A play by Johanna Reed starring Marcus Kuiland-Nazario and Johanna Reed
featuring a follow-up appearance by Guru Rugu
presenting Robert Cheatham's BORDERS AND EXILES: apologetics, plus Adam Overton's experimental meditation, For Woodwinds (Tonglen Variations).


Let’s Start With The Obvious is a one-act play for two performers, with Johanna Reed starring as “A Hero” and Marcus Kuiland-Nazario as “Her Arch-nemesis.” Their lines are a transcription and impersonation two YouTube compilations of the greatest movie insults and threats of all time. At the origin of the first dramatic conflict ever told, there was a protagonist and an antagonist: they tried to communicate; they miscommunicated.


Since this 20 minute play quickly escalates into a frenzy of rage and unbridled epithets, Guru Rugu will be on hand afterward to lead everyone in an calming meditation session. Guru Rugu is a celebrated best-selling self-published self-helper from Los Angeles who has changed the lives of millions with his simple but effective experimental meditations. He has worked with many other illustrious experimental healers, artists, and writers, including Veranda Moot and Matador Oven. With artist Adam Overton he co-founded the experimental meditation center of Los Angeles, and currently hosts Guru Rugu’s Experimental Meditation Hour every 1st Sunday, 10-11pm on KCHUNG Radio AM1630 Chinatown, Los Angeles and online at http://kchungradio.org.




For Woodwinds (Tonglen Variations) – Version ONE: Harmonicas


For Woodwinds (Tonglen Variations) – Version TWO: Kazoos



Tue,  4 November 2008
posted by ao, 11/10/08  interpreted/performed as A Latex Space Made of Used Air by Eva Jung with Whitney V. Hunter, as part of Exchange Rate: 2008, somewhere in NYC.


(note: part 1 of the video is an interpretation of For Woodwinds, while part 2 of the video is an interpretation of Dorit Cypis's May I Have This Dance? Seven Steps (for Barack Obama)




Sun, 26 October 2008
posted by ao, 10/03/08  performed at Exchange Rate 2008
Exchange Rate (curated by Elana Mann) is presented as part of the exhibition The Audacity of Desperation (which is curated by Jessica Lawless) at Sea and Space Explorations in Highland Park...


thanks to the wonderful people who helped perform this in short shifts over the span of 2 hours!
Mike Winter (melodica), Tyler Waxman (saxophone), Brooke Smiley (harmonica & didgeridoo), Gary Schultz (melodica), Jess Ruvalcaba (flute & shofar), Jessie Rothwell (oboe), Christopher Richmond (harmonica), Michael Parker (homemade flute), Adam Overton (harmonica & didgeridoo), Tany Ling (glass boba straw), Julia Holter (tin whistle), Asher Hartman (modified trombone), Jason Grier (melodica), Simone Gad (harmonica), Corey Fogel (jew's harp), Rochelle Fabb (shofar & harmonica), Vincent Chen (harmonica), Jennifer Bruce (harmonica), Lara Bank (harmonica), Danielle Adair (harmonica)



Sat,  6 September 2008
posted by ao, 09/12/08  interpreted by Maile Colbert and Rui Costa at their home in Lisbon, Portugal as part of Exchange Rate: 2008






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