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Listening Performances

adam overton
page last updated Sun,  7 Jun 2009,  3:36pm PDT
last comment posted on Sun,  7 Jun 2009, 12:00am PDT



The following are listening options that can be offered to spectators before any musical or sonic occasion, and can be used especially during any performance that one might not be enjoying for whatever reason(s).



Keywords:   listening, performance, list of options, experimental music, likes and dislikes
Duration:   variable minutes
# of Performers:   solo, variable, for everybody in attendance






Score / Notes
For Elana Mann



Recent Performances
have you performed this?


Sun,  5 October 2008
posted by ao, 01/15/09  presented 5 Oct, 2 Nov, & 7 Dec 2008, as part of
Silent Music: 4'33" and Beyond, Charleston, SC


Jason Brogan and the New Music Collective in Charleston, SC are putting on a great series of concerts this Fall & Winter, featuring the work of Antoine Beuger, Jason Brogan, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Eva-Maria Houben, Christian Kesten, Joseph Kudirka, Alvin Lucier, Radu Malfatti, Adam Overton, Michael Pisaro, James Saunders, Samuel Sfirri, Mark So, Taylan Susam, James Tenney, Manfred Werder, and Michael Winter.


My menu, Listening Performances (2006), will be presented on all three evenings...


All works performed by the New Music Collective: Jason Brogan, electric guitar; Nathan Koci, horn / accordion; Sam Sfirri, piano / melodica; Ron Wiltrout, percussion; with Chad Pirtle, voice


for more details, and full program: http://maltedmilk.org/433/


Circular Congregational Church, 150 Meeting Street, Charleston, South Carolina USA



Fri,  1 December 2006
posted by ao, 01/15/09  published, alongside and a related rant / proposal from my words surfacing series, in Julie Puttgen's online journal Ratsalad Deluxe, issue no. 9 "What If?"




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posted by ao, 06/07/09

this score was written in 2006.
then, in 2009, i was then introduced to David Dunn's wonderful work, Purposeful Listening In Complex States of Time for solo listener, 1997-98.
it's a different work, but similar in spirit.
for more details: http://www.davidddunn.com/~david



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