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posture series (of madison brookshire)

adam overton
page last updated Wed, 10 Feb 2010,  8:43pm PST
last comment posted on Wed, 25 Mar 2009, 12:00am PDT



graphic score, to be interpreted in any way, through sound, action, thought, and/or movement



Keywords:   posture, graphic score
Duration:   variable, 1 minute or greater, 1 minute or less minutes
# of Performers:   solo, 1, 1 or more, ensemble, variable



posture series of madison brookshire.jpg



Score / Notes

of madison brookshire


posture series of madison brookshire


performance suggestions:


in any fashion
at any speed, esp. slowly and slower
score may be viewed from any direction, and followed in any direction
interpret with action(s), sound(s), thought(s), and/or movement(s)
persist for as little as 1 minute or less, or for much, much longer
don't be afraid to pause
notice your own posture as you perform [though do not judge], and possibly let it influence your engagement with the score, and/or allow the performance to influence your posture



Recent Performances
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posted by ao, 03/25/09

performed 25 March 2009, as part of
studio apartments series : overton / so : 2 solo streams
03.25.2009 (wed) 2-5 pm / $0
314 s alexandria ave, #104 (la, ca 90020)


an afternoon of experimental music/performance in two concurrent solo streams
-  new pieces involving movement, reading and silence  -
performed by adam overton & mark so in mark's apartment


adam overton:


- selections from posture series (2008-09) by adam overton

performed: of tashi wada, of mark g. so (2), of lailye weidman, of gary flom, of dorit cypis (1), of daniel clay, of corey marc fogel (2), of madison brookshire, of david kendall, of aaron spafford, of mark g. so (1), of ryan o'toole, of eric km clark

- selections from dance pieces (2009) by kieran daly
- an activity (2008) by jason brogan



mark so:


- pale full tiny / empty loose tight / bare huge lax (A) (2006) by istvŕn zelenka
  [a lecture in 3 parts: 30' / 45' / 15']  
- an activity (2008) by jason brogan
- pale full tiny... (B)
- two deaths [ashbery series] (2007) by mark so
- pale full tiny... (C)



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