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Seven Meditator Transcriptions

adam overton
page last updated Thu, 28 Jul 2011,  5:08pm PDT



Keywords:   experimental music, experimental performance, transcription, experimental meditation, meditators, g douglas barrett



Seven Meditator Transcriptions.pdf



Score / Notes


Seven Meditator Transcriptions
for and after G. Douglas Barrett



The following transcriptions are partial realizations of G. Douglas Barrett’s piece, A Few Museum-Goer Transcriptions, except that they were made while observing a “meditation flash mob” at The Grove in Los Angeles, on Thursday, July 28, 2011. Those observed meditated silently from around 12:30–1:30pm, and then did a brief chant together a little after 1:30pm.


These transcriptions were performed as an experimental meditation, in tandem with the meditation flash mob.



Adam Overton
the experimental meditation center of los angeles



Recent Performances
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Sun,  4 March 2012
posted by ao, 03/06/12  performed 3/4/2012 at Monte Vista
by Adam Overton, Tanya Rubbak, Robby Herbst, Claire Cronin, and Ezra Buchla
event organized by John Burtle, also featuring performances by Nathan Bockelman and Megan May Daalder.





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