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  3,  1040,  accomplices,  2 accordianists,  accordion,  acoustic guitar or,  2 acoustic guitars,  acoustic instruments,  action,  actor,  airplanes,  alcohol,  all,  alto,  alto flute and percussion,  alto saxophone,  alto voice,  amateurs,  amblers,  amplication or none,  amplification,  amplified balloons,  amplifier,  amplifiers,  amps,  an electric fan,  anagram generator,  and should therefore be connected by equals sign,  another performance,  another piece,  another quiet piece,  answering machine,  anus and food and drink,  any,  any acoustic instruments,  any action,  any actions,  any even numbers of performers,  for any five performers,  for any four performers,  any gauge motion picture film,  any instrument,  any instrument or voice,  any instrument with controllable pitch,  any instrumentalists,  any instruments,  any instruments and number of performers,  any materials,  any number of performers,  any number of performers found materials,  any number of performers more than 2,  any orchestral instrumentalist,  any pair of instruments,  any pair of the same instrument,  any score,  any small soundsactions,  any sound sources,  any surface,  any thought,  any transposition or as notated,  any two pitched sustaining instruments,  for anybody,  anybody,  anyone,  anyone with access to digital editing equipment can perform this score,  apple cider vinegar,  architect,  are all the same,  articles,  artists,  as many pianos and keyboards as possible,  assistant,  assistants,  assorted metal objects,  at least 3 people,  at least one light source,  atoms,  audience,  audience member,  for audience x and performer y,  audio playback,  auras,  autumn leaves,  awareness,  bags,  balloons,  bandana,  bandoneon,  banjuleles,  bare chest,  barf,  baroque cello,  bass,  bass clarinet,  bass drum,  bass flute and viola,  bass guitar,  bass instrument,  bassoon,  bassoon solo,  bathtub,  bb clarinet,  for bbs and drum,  beans,  beard,  beards,  bed or other sleeping location,  a bed other ambiance optional,  bell plate,  bells,  best friends,  bibles,  bike,  binaca,  blah blah blah,  blanket,  blankets,  blinks,  blog posts,  bodies,  bodies and bikes,  body,  1 or more boners,  1 or more bones,  books,  boombox,  bottle,  bottles of beer and striking implements,  bow,  a bowed,  bowed string instrument,  bowed string instrument violin,  bowl,  bows,  box cutter,  boxes,  brass,  brass mallets,  breakfast,  breath,  breathing,  breaths,  bridges,  brushes,  a bucket,  but avoided where possible i suggest a wood block for the wood sound,  but avoided where possible plays can choose which note to play when they hit a chord players should play as many notes as they can in the chord wind and brass player dont strain yourselves,  but other wooden sounds could be used i suggest brushes for the percussion part the x mark means notes should consist of variations in tone,  butter knife,  cables,  calculator,  call and response,  a camera,  camera film or video,  candles,  car,  card,  10 cards,  career,  carillon or similar amplified keyboard perhaps,  carrot juice,  cat lamb piece,  catnip,  cats,  3 cellists,  cello,  1 cello,  cello amp piano,  cello super high register,  cellphone,  ceramic coffee mug,  chairs,  chakras,  chant,  charm,  chime mallet,  china cymbal,  choir,  chorus,  clarinet,  clarinets,  4 clarinets and 3 parts for players making sounds with friction,  classical string quartet violino 1,  clothes,  coins,  complex sounds of the same type,  composer,  for composer,  compressorsustainer,  computer,  computer lab,  computers,  concentration,  concert hall,  conductor,  contact mics,  container,  containers,  continuous,  contra bass,  contrabass,  contrabass clarinet,  corner,  cornet,  costumes,  crash cymbals,  crass pamphlet youre already dead,  a cup or container and one chair,  cushions,  dj,  dv,  dancer,  2 decks of playing cards,  digital playback,  dinner,  dirt,  dirty pants,  disbelief,  disciplinary notice of interview,  disinterested audience,  disklavier,  distortion,  distortion pedal,  djembes,  djion mustard,  dog poop,  1 or more dogs,  a doll,  door jamb,  doorway,  double bass,  double satb choir,  dream house,  dried basil,  dried sage,  dried thyme,  drill,  drinks,  dripping,  drum,  drum kit,  drum set,  drums,  drumset,  dry ice,  dryers,  duet,  duo,  dynamics and duration,  etc,  1040 ez,  each with one text,  ears,  eggplant,  ejaculate,  electric bass,  electric bass guitars,  electric guitar,  electric keyboard,  electronic sword toy,  electronics,  email,  empty bottle,  ensemble,  ensemble ad libitum,  erhu,  etc,  ex oboe,  expansion,  experimental music,  experimental performance,  expiration date,  extramusical occurrences,  eye contact,  eyes,  facebook,  fans,  fart,  feet,  female solo,  female voice,  field recorders,  fighting robot set,  a film camera,  fingernails,  fingers,  fists,  five snare drums,  2 flashlights,  flesh,  flexatone,  flowers,  fluid,  flute,  flutes,  flutes solos,  fly,  food,  found instruments,  found objects from an apartment or home,  found or small percussion,  fountain,  free instrumentation,  freeze pedal,  french horn,  french toast,  friend,  friendship,  fuji finepix,  furniture,  galaxies,  gallery attendants,  gamelan,  garlic,  23 gestures,  glass,  glenn beck,  glockenspiel,  gong,  gongs,  good shoes,  2 graters,  group leader,  a group of at least four people,  group of smooth timbres able to play a large range of pitches,  guitar,  guitar amp,  for guitar and variable or optional percussion,  hair,  a hall,  handheld audio recorder,  handheld tape recorder,  hands,  hanggliding grand piano,  harmonica,  harmonium,  harp,  harpsichord,  headphones,  headphones or earbuds,  heartbeat,  heartbeats,  hidden object,  horn,  horns,  hot environment,  a hot room,  hyperlinks,  i pods or cd players,  imaginary object,  independent media,  indeterminate,  inductive microphones,  ingredients,  instrumentalists,  instruments,  intelligence,  interactive electronics,  internet access,  internet connection,  internet streaming,  ipod,  irony,  jazz,  jet plane,  john burtle,  john cage,  keg,  keyboard,  keyboard instrument,  keyboardaccordion singing bowlgong,  keyboards,  kisses,  knife,  knife sharpener,  koto,  language,  lap,  laptop,  large,  large amplifier,  large bowl,  large ensemble,  large public space with things to hit,  larynx,  lasers,  laundromat,  lawyers,  light,  lighter fluid,  lights,  linen pyramid,  little books,  little camera phones,  little camlab,  little cats,  little cups,  little first aid kits,  little hammocks,  little margaritas,  little massage tables,  little musical instruments but no congas,  little napkins,  little nerf footballs,  little people,  little soapboxes,  little succulents,  little tables,  little teapots,  little tents,  little things to eat,  little tools,  little trees,  live electronics,  live room,  locked arms,  loose change,  lots of records,  love,  lovers of narrative,  lunch,  magic,  make it sound as terrifying as possible when plays can choose which note to play when they hit a chord players should play as many notes as they can in a chord wind and brass player are aloud to breath,  make it your own le mare 2012 performance instructions this piece is flexibly scored for three parts,  male auxiliary,  many people,  margaritas,  marimba,  mark so,  matches,  materials stones,  maybe a metronome,  maybe an orchestra,  medium and low,  megaphone,  2 melodicas,  metal,  metal bowl,  mic stand,  microphone,  microphones,  a mirror and a desert,  mister higgs,  mixed chorus,  mixer,  mixing bowl,  modules,  more than 10 instruments,  more than 2,  motor,  a mouth harp jews harp with a plucked part parallel with the frame vietnamese mouth harps made of brass or southeast asian mouth harps made of bamboo may be used,  mouth siren,  movement,  movers,  mp 3 player,  music by fanisatt,  music fading out,  musical instruments,  musical saw,  muzak,  my committee,  nails,  naked man,  naked people,  news media,  ninja,  non,  non branded attire,  none,  not bars,  numbered slips of paper,  object,  7 objects,  oboe,  old friends,  olive oil,  ondas,  one audience,  one big shoebox,  one mousse,  one or more performers,  one pianist who also sings,  one piano,  one or more readers,  one white sock one black sock,  onion powder,  open,  open instrumentation within percussion family,  opera gong,  opposite sides of a room,  optional assonance,  or 2 violists with transposition,  or bongos,  or double bass,  or tenor,  orchestra,  organ,  oscillator,  other bodies,  outfit,  ouvidos waves,  pa,  2 pzm microphones,  pageturner,  paint,  pairs,  paixiao,  pajamas,  pants with a fly and flowers,  paper,  paper bags,  parking attendant booth,  parking attendants,  participants,  partiers,  passersby,  peaceful occupiers,  peaceful protesters,  pebbles,  1 pedestal,  pedestrians with any pitched sound sources,  pen,  pen or pencil and one garbage can,  penance,  pencil,  people driving by in their cars,  percussion,  percussion quartet,  perform while listening to balinese gamelan,  a performance or concert,  performer,  2 performers,  performers,  3 or more performers,  perhaps furniture,  permanent black marker,  phone number,  phono cartridge,  photocopier,  photographer,  photos,  pianist,  1 piano,  piano,  piano and percussion battery,  piano five hands,  piano pushers,  piano with electronic device,  pianos,  1 or more pianos,  piccolo,  piccolo flute,  1 or more pics,  piezoelectric microphones,  pillows,  pinecones,  pitch or both extended techniques should be used flutter tongue tremolo tone trills up and down if continuous per phrase whenever ax mark occurs simultaneously with the quaver pulsations,  place to eat,  planets,  a plant,  playback device,  players may either remain on the x note for its full duration or return to the quaver pulsations at any point they chose challenge the audience with x note sounds,  please see above,  3 or more plucked string instruments,  plus percussion and piano octave transposition can be used,  plus percussion and piano the guitar part could be played with other instrumentation octave transposition can be used,  plus screens,  pockets,  poet,  pokemon costume or if you wish,  politicians,  ponytail,  portable audio players,  possibly a swimming pool or other stretch of water,  precious minerals,  preparations,  printed recipe,  printed scores,  private space,  projector,  a prompter,  props,  public,  public space,  pulse,  quartet of the same string instrument,  quintet,  radio,  radio transmitter,  radios,  rally,  reader,  recitation,  recorded medium,  recorder,  recorders,  recording device,  recording studio,  redheads,  reefer,  rehearsal,  requires a beach at the ocean,  resonant spaces,  resonator,  reverb unit,  rhythm instruments,  ring with box,  a road and a piece of film,  a road and some number of people,  robes,  rock band,  rocks,  rolling eyes,  romance,  roof,  rope,  roses,  salt,  sampler,  sand,  saxophone,  saxophones,  scissors,  score,  score for violin,  scores,  selected foods,  sensation,  a sense of adeventure,  a seth weiner architectural model,  for several organs surrounding or throughout a public space,  shakuhachi,  shamisen,  sheet music,  sheet of paper any size,  sheet or towel,  shovel,  3 shruti boxes,  sigil,  signals,  sine tone,  singers,  singers may play instruments and vice versa simple movements are called for,  skin,  sleeping,  sliding,  2 sliding instruments,  sliding instruments,  3 small bells,  small blowtorch,  10 small tables,  snacks,  snapping,  snare drum,  software,  solo bowed instrument,  solo performer,  for solo performer with contact microphone,  solo piano,  solo string instrument,  solo viola,  solo voice,  some kind of mat,  some material that can be torn,  some sheets of paper,  some tiny glass stuff,  someone,  someone elses shoes,  something,  something in the way,  something to write with and something to write on,  sonic environment,  soprano,  soprano voice,  sound,  sounds,  sounds movements miscellaneous actions,  space,  sparklers,  speaker,  speakers,  2 speakers,  speaking,  spectator,  spectators,  spoken word performers,  steel drum,  steve reich,  stick,  stolen instruments,  stone,  stones,  stopwatches,  stories,  street,  striders,  string instrument,  string instrument in the range of your voice,  string orchestra,  string players,  string quartet,  strings,  strollers,  studio staff and engineers,  stuffy environment,  2 or more stylophone beatboxes,  4 or more stylophone beatboxes,  3 or more stylophone beatboxes,  subjective reading,  sunscreen,  super 8 film amp camera,  4 sustained instruments,  sustained sounds,  sustaining,  sustaining instruments,  sustaining tone,  sustaining wind instrument,  swimming pool,  tabla,  table,  tape,  tapes,  tapesmp3s,  tastebuds,  tears,  telephone,  television,  temporary tramp stamp tattoos,  tenor saxophone,  tents,  text,  texts,  the couch,  the market,  the peoples mic,  the strings inside the piano,  theremin,  things from your pockets,  this piece is flexibly scored for four parts,  thoughts,  three or more bells,  three bowed string instruments,  three or more organs,  throwaway camera,  timpani,  to be reconstructed through visual and sound languages,  to be reconstructed through visual language,  tone,  tongue,  topics,  toy metallophones,  toy piano,  transhumanism,  treats,  triangle,  triangles,  trombone,  trombone trio,  trumpet,  trumpet in bb,  trust,  tuba,  tunable instrumentation,  tuning forks,  turntable,  twine,  twitter,  two celli,  two decaying instruments,  two electronics performers,  two high sustaining acoustic instruments,  two identical tuning forks,  two low sustaining acoustic instruments,  two mouths,  two people,  two pianos,  two or more ringing objects,  two sets of crotales,  two sustaining instruments,  ukuleles,  unamplified electric guitar,  undetermined,  250 unemployed people or 250 people in need or 250 retirees who lost their savings,  unintended occurrences,  unknown depending on indvidual proposalscore,  us,  variable,  variable instrumentation,  various,  vc,  vegetable,  2 vessels capable of covering or containing teeth,  vibraphone,  video,  video camera,  video projection,  video projectors and screens opt,  videos,  viola,  1 viola,  violas,  violin,  violin and cello,  violincello,  2 violinists,  violinists,  violino 2,  violins,  12 violins,  2 violins,  violoncello,  vla,  vln,  vocal chords,  vocalists,  vocalists singing and whistling simultaneously,  vocals,  1 voice,  voice,  for voice and interesting,  voicemail,  voices,  2 voices and harmonium,  volume pedal,  walkers,  6 walkman,  wall,  wanderers,  water,  water performers as many or as few as desired,  wax,  we,  wear a dress with bottons at the front,  wedding music,  weight,  whammy bar,  whatever is yours,  whispers,  white wall,  wig,  will need paper,  wind,  2 wind instruments,  wind instruments,  wind quintet,  winds,  wine,  wine bottle,  wood,  woodblock,  wooden box,  woodwind,  woodwind intruments,  woodwinds,  writing pen,  yarn mallets,  yelling,  you,  your bag,  your beliefs,  your bodies,  your body,  your bottom,  your breath,  your committee,  your emotions,  your eyes,  your fingers,  your hands hearts and minds,  your heart,  your hunger,  your mind,  your mood,  your mouth,  your need for sleep,  your need for warmth,  your soul,  your words,  yourself,  yueqin  




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