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all audio (kathy mctavish) all available cello sound samples / soundscapes
Broken Cello   Lee Barry (LeeBarry) A piece for solo cello for performance with a recording of itself, playing in 1-2 devices set on continuous random play. The piece may also be performed by 2-4 players, with or without the recording(s).
eight systems (Jacob Feinberg)
GlacialIceWorm (Archie Carey)
see you soon (Jacob Feinberg) Setting of a poem by Mazarine Treyz
Tanka (Adam Scott Neal) cello solo - moderate difficulty, aggressive in character
Untitled (Ian Power) Duo for viola and cello



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in Materials / Instrumentation / Performers - Cello:

' strings ' - Emmanuel Witzthum (cotton goods) String trio was composed as a set of variations to the song “Mama Yo No Tengo Visto” which is a 16th century Jewish ladino melody. In Hebrew the song is called “calmness”. In writing the work I deconstructed the song by separating the tones of the melody and what the melody was “meant” to convey metaphorically. With the tones I created a series of horizontal and vertical alternate melodies and sets which relate to one another in fields, with  the “metaphorical” meaning I attempted to express a process of calming down.  The work itself is devoid of rhythm, as such it focuses not on the act of  “performing” the tone but on the space between the tones, in the silence that is borne out of the tones intent or potential. In addition the tones do not have articulation or dynamic markings so as to allow the performers as much flexibility for creativity and expression as possible.  Without rhythm the piece does not have a fixed duration (as demonstrated by the durations of the two performances on this release), nor do the performers have to adhere to a fixed metronome. They instead should lead and follow, they should be capable to return to an essence of chamber music which I feel is lost in our times, of creating together, of a whole created by it parts, each time different, each time unique, each time without original.  Without articulation or dynamics, the tones are equal, the performers decide how to play their tones while the score offers them only a framework within which their interpretations can be expressed. It is my hope with this release that musicians will take the score which is added to the LP and create their own renditions and interpretations of the piece be they acoustic or electronic.  This release is a blueprint, an invitation to share and communicate -so too is the score.  Please visit http://uploaddownloadperform.net/CottonGoods/Index to download the score and upload your interpretations   Emmanuel Witzthum 6.3.2011, Jerusalem
Ariel (Dean Rosenthal) Movement for string quartet
August 2010 (Dominic Lash) composition for improvisers
Breathing, Beating, Blinking for Large Ensemble (adam overton) a text score for chamber ensemble that instructs the musicians to observe their own heartbeat, blinks and breath, or those of their neighbor
Clinamen clinamen clinamen v1 (Mauricio Pauly)
crrr (Phil Maguire)
For Cello (Chinese Character for Instrument) (ADACHI Tomomi) Graphic score / Visual poem / Text score
Still (Scott Cazan) A work of variable length for 2 or more string instruments. Originally written for Andrew McIntosh and Andrew Tholl. Commissioned by Machine Project as part of the coatroom concert series at The Hammer Museum.
stringscape 2 (Dominic Lash)
Tanka (Adam Scott Neal) cello solo - moderate difficulty, aggressive in character
tendon (D Edward Davis) Five gestures for string trio are stretched and compressed in a variety of ways. tendon looks at the different sonic possibilities of playing with proportions of time.
Untitled (Ian Power) Duo for viola and cello
YVR20090822 (Richard Kamerman) Overcast. High 67F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.




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