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1st amendment,  4 hands,  4 mos,  80s,  99 percent of every artist lecture ever,  a capella,  a pose a day helps you work rest and play,  abs,  absence,  absurd,  accent,  accordian,  accordion,  acknowledgment,  acoustics,  action,  actions,  activities,  activity,  adam overton,  adapter cables,  addam overton,  admission,  advent,  adverbs,  advertising,  affection,  affirmation,  air,  air conditioning,  airplane music,  aleatory,  alexis disselkoen,  algorithmic,  alison knowles,  almanac,  almanacs,  almost,  almost cynical,  alone,  alternative communication,  alto,  amateur,  amen,  amnesia,  amplification,  amplified,  amplified instruments,  analysis,  anatomyriot,  ancestors,  andor,  andre vida,  animal,  animal guide,  animated notation,  anonymity,  anonymous,  answers,  antarctica,  anthologies,  anticipation,  antiperformance,  anxious,  any instruments,  apartment,  apocalypse,  apology,  appreciation,  architecture,  arrangement,  arrested,  art,  art as excuse,  art walk,  artifice,  artists,  ascii,  assault,  astronomy,  atonal,  attack everyone,  attention,  attention span,  attitude,  audience,  audience participation,  audio,  aura,  austere,  authorship,  autograph,  automorphic,  automorphism,  autotelic,  ave maria,  awareness,  aww man really,  awwww,  axe,  axe bodyspray,  big,  bad service,  bad sign,  baffled,  balloon,  balls,  barbara guest,  barf,  baroque,  bashfulness,  bass,  bass drums,  bassoon,  bathroom,  bathtub,  beach,  beach ball,  beans,  beard,  beards,  beatbox,  beauty,  bebop,  become,  beer,  beginners,  belial,  bells,  bellyflop,  bench,  berlin,  best friends,  bicyclist,  biennale,  binaca,  binaural beats,  biorhythms,  birthday,  bits amp pieces,  bjork,  blah blah blah,  bleed,  blending,  blinks,  bliss,  blood,  blowfly,  blown kiss,  body,  body art,  bohemian rhapsody,  bolero,  boners,  bones,  bongos,  boobs,  books,  booty,  boss,  bottle,  bottles,  bottom up,  bottomless,  bottoms,  bottoms up,  boundaries,  bow,  bowed,  bowels,  boys,  braille score,  brass,  brat,  break strings,  breakfast,  breaking in line,  breaking news,  breath,  breathing,  breaths,  breeze,  brews,  broadcast,  brody condon,  broomstick,  buckminster fuller,  building,  bullshit,  buried,  burly,  burn bridges,  burning,  busy,  butoh,  buttholes,  byzantine,  c,  cactus,  call and response,  calmness,  cam lab,  camera,  camping,  cannon,  canon,  canonization,  cant,  capacity,  car,  carbon dioxide,  cards,  career,  carillon,  carol,  carrot juice,  casey anderson,  cat,  cat lamb,  catalog,  catharsis,  cats,  cavity,  ceiba,  celine dion,  cello,  cellphone,  cellular automata,  censorship,  centaur tuning,  chairs,  chakras,  chance,  changing the world,  changing your mind,  chant,  chantal,  chaos,  chatting,  cheeks,  cheers,  chew,  chewing,  childhood,  chili,  chill,  chill out dude,  chillaxistance,  chocolate rituals,  choir,  choral,  chords,  christmas,  chroma,  churchills,  cinzia cremona,  circle,  circle jerk,  circles,  clairvoyance,  clapping,  clarinet,  cleansing,  cliche,  cliff,  climax,  clipboard,  clothes,  cock,  coconut,  coexistence,  coins,  collage,  collecting,  collective,  collective consciousness,  collective decision making,  colors,  columbia college hollywood,  combinations,  combine,  come as you are,  comfort,  committees,  communal meals,  communicating through this website in the extended phases of a break up with someone you loved dearly who is and will be part of your community,  communication,  community,  complicity,  composer,  composition,  composition for improvisers,  computer,  computer art,  computers,  concealment,  conceivably,  concentric spiral,  conceptual,  conceptual music fetish postmodernism text score 1 part 1 songbook,  concert,  concert series,  concerto,  conductor,  conflation,  confusion,  congrats,  conjunction,  consciousness,  consensus,  consent,  conspiracy,  constraint,  construction,  contact,  contact mics,  containers,  contemplation,  contemporary,  contrabass,  contract,  contribution,  conversation,  conversations,  convertible,  copies,  cops,  copy,  copyright,  corduroy,  corner,  counting,  couples,  cowboy,  cracks,  crawling,  credit,  creeping,  crooksandlierscom,  crowd of dozens,  crunching,  crushing dissent,  cry for help,  crying,  crystal ball,  cuddle,  cues,  cult,  curation,  curator,  current resonance,  cycle,  cyclic,  cymbolum,  dj,  dada,  daddy,  daily,  daily practice,  daily self portrait,  daily tasks,  dance,  dander,  danger,  dank shnackerz,  dasein,  date,  dating,  dave brubeck,  dave weldzius,  day,  daydream,  dead weight,  deaf audience,  deaf composer,  decay,  decision making,  decisions,  deep listening,  degradation,  delusion,  denial,  depressed,  deprivation,  describing,  description,  descry,  desert,  desperation,  destroy,  developers,  dialect,  dialogical,  dialogue,  diary,  dick,  difference,  difficult,  digging,  digital passion,  dinner,  dinosaur farts,  diorama,  directing,  dirt,  dirty pants,  disappearance,  disappearing,  discipline,  discovery,  discussion,  dishes,  disorder,  disrupting routine,  distance,  distance from score,  distortion,  distributed special collections,  diversion,  docent,  documentation,  dog poop,  dogs,  doing whatever you want after you drop john off,  dolphins,  dolphoboros,  donation,  dont stand your ground,  door,  door jamb,  doorway,  dose,  doug barrett,  downward dog,  dragging,  drained of the interesting part,  drawing,  dream,  dream house,  dreams,  dressing up,  drink a beer and chillax,  drinking,  drinking game,  dripping,  drive,  driving,  drone,  dropping,  drum solo,  drunkeness,  dry ice,  dryers,  ducktales,  dudes,  duet,  duo,  duplets,  duration,  durational performance,  dyads,  ears,  eating,  ecology,  economic,  economics,  education,  educational,  egg hunt,  eggplant,  ejaculate,  electric,  electric bass,  electroacoustic,  electronics,  elevation,  elvin,  email,  embed,  embodiment,  emmanuel,  emotion,  emotional intimacy,  emotional outburst,  empathy,  encounter,  end days,  end times,  end tymes,  endearing,  endurance,  energy work,  enjoyment,  ensemble,  environment,  environmental,  environmental sounds,  escuta,  esol,  estudante,  etc,  eternal telethon,  european,  event,  everyday,  everyday life,  eviction,  evil,  excesperimental movement,  exchange,  excitement,  exclusion,  exclusivity,  exhibition,  existential crisis,  exit,  expansion,  experimental,  experimental birthday,  experimental dance,  experimental film,  experimental guestlist,  experimental meditation,  experimental music,  experimental networking,  experimental performance,  experimental video,  experimentation,  expiration date,  explanation,  expression,  exquisite corpse,  extramusical,  extreme cold,  eye contact,  eyes,  facebook,  fading out,  fallen fruit,  falling,  falling over,  famous,  fantasies,  farewell,  fart,  fashion,  fashionable shoes,  fast,  fasting,  fat,  feelings,  fees,  feet dangling,  festival,  fibonacci,  fidgeting,  field recording,  figure,  film,  film music,  final cut pro,  finding,  fingernails,  fingers,  fingers on,  fiona apple,  fists,  flash,  flight,  flip flops,  floating,  floor,  flop,  floppiness,  florida,  flowers,  flush,  flute,  fluxus,  folding,  fonts,  food,  food not bombs,  fool,  for all one knows,  for composer,  for moscow scratch orchestra,  foreplay,  found instruments,  found object,  found objects,  found objects from an apartment or home,  fountain,  francesco gagliardi,  franchise,  freckle,  free,  free as in beer,  free improvisation,  free stuff,  freedom,  freeze,  freeze pedal,  frenzy,  fresh breath,  friend,  friendship,  frozen,  fuck,  fuck it,  fuck you,  fun,  funding,  funky,  furious,  furniture,  g douglas barrett,  game,  game piece,  game pieces,  game structure,  gang,  gaps,  garbled,  gastromancy,  gatorade,  gender,  general assembly,  general disassembly,  gentle revolution,  george bernard shaw,  george brecht,  gertrude stein,  gestures,  gladness,  glenn beck,  glissando,  glitter,  glue,  gnutella,  goddammit,  gong,  good enough,  good vibes,  goodbye,  goodnight,  goodwill squandered,  google,  gossip,  gourmet,  grammatical revolution,  graph,  graphic,  graphic and text score,  graphic score,  gravy train,  greatness,  grid,  group,  group organizing,  grumpy,  guerrilla,  guggenheim,  guided listening,  guided meditation,  guitar,  guitar pedals,  guru rugu,  gurus,  gut,  gymnasium,  habit,  hair,  haircut,  hairy chest,  halted,  hammer dulcimer,  hammer museum,  handcuffs,  hands,  hands spinning,  hangglider really,  happiness,  happy,  hard block,  harmonics,  harmonium,  harris,  harry hay,  hashtags,  hate,  have a good evening,  headbanging,  headphones,  healing,  health,  hearing,  heart,  heart circle,  heartbeat,  heartbeats,  heat,  hedi,  held tone,  helicopter,  hello,  help,  herbert,  heroes,  heterarchy,  hickies,  hidden object,  hierarchy,  higgins,  hill,  hilltop,  hipsters,  historical,  history,  hmmm,  holes,  home,  homegirl cafe,  homeland,  homeless,  homo ludens,  hoodie,  hoot,  horizontalidad,  horizontalism,  hot,  hot pockets,  hot topics,  hotdogs,  house of flop,  household instrument,  household instruments,  how like a leaf,  hugging,  hugs,  hum,  human microphone,  human pyramid,  humans,  humiliation,  hydration,  hyperlinks,  hypnosis,  i performance,  icebergs,  ideology,  if only,  ihop,  illusion,  image,  images out of order,  imagination,  imagine,  imagining,  immobilization,  immobilized,  impotence,  impression,  improv,  improvisation,  improvised,  in russian,  inability to comprehend the magical potency and political goodwill of contemporary artbeards,  inattention,  indecent exposure,  indeterminacy,  indeterminate,  inductive microphone,  infants,  infighting,  infinite number of instruments,  infinity,  iniciante,  inner voice,  inside job,  instability,  installation,  instead,  institutional critique,  institutional mindset,  institutionalized pleasure,  institutions,  instrucoes,  instruction,  instructions,  instrument,  instruments,  interaction,  interactive,  interactive electronics,  internal time,  internet,  interruption,  interruptions,  interstitial,  intimacy,  intimate,  intimate performance,  introductions,  introspection,  invisibility,  invisible,  invisible performance,  iraq war,  isorhythm,  itching,  jail,  jazz,  jazz standard,  jazz waltz,  jen karmin,  jerk chicken,  john,  john burtle,  john cage,  john cale,  john coltrane,  john henry,  john lely,  jokes,  jung,  just intonation,  justin,  kchung,  kamasutra,  karaoke,  kegstand,  kevin michaluk,  keyboard,  keyboards,  kiki,  kisses,  kissing,  kitchen sink performance,  koan,  la monte young,  laboratories,  lake house,  land art,  language representing complex emotions,  lap,  large group,  large group decision making,  larp,  last will and testament,  late,  latin square,  laugh,  laughing,  laughter,  laundromat,  layers,  laying low,  lazy faire,  lazysistance,  leadership,  leaf,  learning,  left to right,  leftovers,  lens,  leo buscaglia,  less than 10 dollars,  lgbt,  liberation,  lice,  life is beautiful,  ligeti,  light,  likes and dislikes,  limits,  lines,  links,  list of options,  listen,  listening,  live sex,  lockout,  lollipops,  lonely,  long duration,  long piece,  lonin,  look at the bright side,  loop,  loops,  loose change,  los angeles,  losing sight of whats actually going on,  lots of kisses,  loud,  love,  love songs,  lovers,  ludocrat,  lullaby,  lunch,  mac vs pc,  machaut,  machine project,  mad libs,  magic,  magic words,  magick,  magnus liber organi,  make like a tree,  makeout,  makeup,  makin it,  mandala,  mangos,  manifesto,  mantra,  mapping,  maps,  marching,  margaritas,  mari garrett,  marina,  mark so,  marriage,  massage,  master,  materials,  math,  mathematics,  matters of the heart,  maybe,  maypole,  mc dowells,  mediation,  meditation,  meditators,  medusa,  meekfulness,  meeting,  meeting up with a friend,  megaphone,  melodic,  melodica,  melody,  memory,  mental,  mercury,  metal,  metapsych,  miami,  microscore,  microtonal,  microwave,  mics,  mike winter,  miles davis,  mime,  mind,  mindfulness,  minds,  mindset,  miniature,  minimal,  minimal movement,  minimal music,  minnesota,  minus,  minutes,  misjudgment,  missed opportunity,  mistake,  mister higgs,  mistranslation,  mixed quintet,  mobile,  model,  moderation,  modern,  modernist,  momentary depression,  money,  monkey mind,  moonbeams,  morning,  morse code,  mortgages,  moshing,  motor,  mourning,  mousse,  mouths,  movement,  movement score,  movement the type of score graphic,  movie,  moving,  mp 3,  mugging,  multiphonics,  multiples,  mumble,  museum,  music,  music and actions,  muzak,  mwah,  nsa,  naked,  names,  naming,  nancy popp,  napping,  naps,  narrative,  nas,  nas cordas,  nature,  neopaganism,  nervousness,  network,  new,  new friends,  new life,  new year,  nicaraguan,  nick vida,  night,  nights,  nimi lucky,  ninja,  nnnnhh,  no,  no more shelves,  no one there,  no purpose,  no way,  node,  noise,  non,  noncommittal,  nonperformance,  nonverbal communication,  nose picking,  nose scratch,  not,  not a loser,  not art,  not doing this without a witness,  not having it,  notao verbal,  notated,  notecards,  notice,  noticing,  nowhere,  nude,  nudity,  nurse,  oberflchlich,  object,  objectification,  obnoxious,  oboe,  occupancy,  occupation,  occupy,  occupy everything,  occupy la,  occupy meditation,  occupy seattle,  occupy wall street,  ocean,  officer,  oh well,  oh yeah,  ok cupid,  old friends,  ontology,  oops,  open,  open door,  open score,  opera,  orand,  orchestra,  orchestral,  order,  organ,  organic gardening,  organs,  orgasm,  other identifying factors hangglider,  ours,  outdoor,  outfit,  outside,  overhearing,  overindeterminacy,  overlay,  oversleep,  ownership,  ows,  pacing,  page turning,  pajamas,  pal,  pamphlet,  pan,  panel,  paparazzi,  papel,  paper,  paper airplanes,  paperrockscissors,  paradox notation,  parallel,  parameters,  paranoia,  paraphrasing,  parking attendant booth,  parking lot,  part,  partial,  participation,  participatory,  parties,  party,  party art,  pass them out,  passive aggessivism,  passive aggression,  passive aggressive,  passive pitches,  paste,  path,  pathway,  patriarchal magick,  paul lloyd sargent,  paul pescador,  pauline oliveros,  pause,  peace,  peaceful protest,  peeling,  pen,  penance,  peoples library,  peoples mic,  pep band,  pepper spray,  peppermint,  peradventure,  percentage,  perception,  perchance,  percussion,  percussion ensemble,  perform,  performance,  performance art,  performance made easy,  performed field recording,  performers,  pergolesi,  perhaps,  periods,  periscope,  personal space,  pets,  phenomenology,  phone,  phone number,  phonography,  photocopier,  photography,  photomat,  pianist,  piano,  pianos,  piece,  piezoelectric microphone,  pile,  pinecone pieces,  piss,  piss appreciation,  pitch,  pitch shift,  pizza,  placeholder,  plant,  plants,  play,  playletariat,  playlist,  plea,  please chill,  please listen to my show,  pleasure,  plucked string,  poem,  poetry,  poking,  political,  politicians,  polyrhythms,  ponder,  ponytail,  poop,  pop song,  popping,  pose,  positions,  positive,  possible nudity,  possibly,  posture,  potential,  power relations,  prayer,  pregnant woman,  preschool teacher,  presence,  pressure,  pretend,  pretending,  previous tenants,  priest,  privacy,  private,  private performances,  prix cum,  process,  projection,  projector,  proportions,  proposals and scores,  propose,  props,  prose,  prose score,  prostrations,  protest,  protesting,  proximity,  psychedelic,  psychic,  psychodrama,  public,  public space,  publix,  pulse,  pumping,  purification,  purpose,  pushy,  pvc pipe,  pyramid painting action,  qiyaas,  quarter notes,  queer,  quiet,  quis est homo,  r amp b,  radical,  radio,  radio tower,  radio transmitter,  radios,  rally,  ravel,  reaction,  reading,  reality,  reality tv,  realizations,  really really,  rebalance,  recession,  recipe,  recitation,  record,  recorder,  recording,  redheads,  reenactments,  refrigeration,  refusal,  regretfulness,  rehearsal,  relativity of scale,  religion,  reperformance,  repetition,  repetitive,  repression,  requests,  resistance,  resonator,  resonators,  restricted range of motion,  retrograde,  retroretrograde,  reverb,  reverse,  revolution,  ribbit,  rich people,  richness,  ridiculous,  right to left,  rim pulses,  ritual,  roast beef,  robbery,  robby herbst,  robert,  robot,  rock,  rock ensemble,  rock piles,  rocks,  rolf,  roller coasters,  romance,  room,  rope,  roses,  rounds,  royal wedding ritual,  ruining,  rush,  russell higgs,  russian,  sacred,  sacred actions,  sadness,  sage,  sagging,  saint stephen,  salesmen,  salty,  same diff,  sand,  sand castles,  sand everywhere,  sandplay,  sandwich,  sauna,  sausage fest,  saving the world,  saxophone,  scab,  scalar,  scanning,  scapegoat,  scelsi,  schumann,  scissors,  score,  scores,  scratch,  scratching,  screech,  scribble,  scribbling,  scrying,  sculptural,  sculpture,  sea,  seance,  search,  searching,  secondhand folk,  secret,  secret society,  see,  seeing,  seeing clearly,  seeking,  sensation,  sensory deprivation,  sensual,  sentences,  sentimentality,  separated,  sermon,  seth weiner,  settle,  sex,  sex magick,  sexy,  shaking,  shamanic,  shameless promotion,  shapes,  sharing,  sharpie,  shellac,  shew,  shirtless,  shivering,  shoes,  short,  shoulds,  shouting,  shower,  shredding,  shuffle,  sibilant,  sigh,  sight to sound,  sigil,  silence,  silent communication,  silly,  simple notation,  singing,  singles,  sitting,  sitting around,  sitting down,  sitting meditation,  skin,  skinny,  skype,  sleep,  sleeping,  slight shifts,  slow,  smelling,  smile,  smiles,  smiling,  smoking,  smooch,  smooth timbres,  smudge,  snapping,  snark,  sneeze,  social,  social communication,  social disorder,  social practice,  sociology,  socks,  solidarity,  solo,  solo percussion,  solo soprano,  solo string instrument,  solo viola,  solo voice,  someone,  something,  something else is going on,  somewhere,  song lyrics,  sonic boom ensemble,  soprano,  soul,  sound,  sound art,  sound bath,  sound guy,  sound to sight,  soundboard,  space,  sparkle,  sparkle fingers,  spatial,  spatialized,  speak,  speak truth to power,  speaking,  spectator,  spectral,  spectural ensemble contemporary,  spices,  spillage,  spin the bottle,  spirit guide,  spirits,  spirt,  spit,  sponsor,  sponsorship,  spurs,  spying,  squeezing,  stabat mater,  stairs,  staking a claim,  stand with wendy,  standard notation,  standing,  stanger,  star trek,  staring,  statistics,  statutory rape,  stay,  stealing,  steel drum,  steps,  steve reich,  stevie nicks,  stick,  stillness,  stochastic,  stomach,  stones,  stop it,  stopped,  strawberries,  street names,  stretching,  string quartet,  strings,  strobe light,  structured improvisation,  struggle,  students,  stuffed animal,  stylophone,  sublimation,  subtle,  subtle performance,  subtraction,  subway,  summer,  summit,  sunshine,  superheroes,  superimposition,  surface,  surroundings,  sushi,  sustained sounds,  sweat,  sweaters,  sweaty,  swimming,  swimming pool,  swing,  transit,  taa,  tabla,  taking a break,  talk to people,  talking,  talking stick,  tape,  tapedances outline,  tapesmp3s,  taste,  tastebuds,  tattoo,  taxes,  taxidermy,  teaching,  tear,  tears,  technology,  telepathy,  television,  ten seconds,  tender,  tents,  test,  text,  text based score,  text score,  text scores,  textscore,  thankfulness,  thanks,  the cookie lady,  the genre experimental,  the good life,  the ground,  the jets,  the market,  the opposite of acting out,  the opposite of making folks want to go home,  the personal is political,  the vegan chilly and the chicken noodle soup,  the wonder years,  theater,  theft,  theirtheyrethere,  them,  theme park,  thinking,  thoughts,  three,  threshold,  thumbs up,  tilings,  timbre,  time lapse,  timpani,  titles,  toddlers,  toenails,  toes,  together,  tonal,  tongue,  too much,  topless,  touch,  toward,  toxins,  toys,  trace,  tracy emin,  trader joes,  transcription,  transdimensional,  transform,  transgressing comfort zones,  transgression,  transhumanism,  translation,  transparent sheets,  trashtalk,  treble,  tree,  trees,  triangle,  trio,  trip,  trois,  tropical wave,  trying,  tuba,  tuning,  tuning forks,  turnoff,  tv definitely isnt this good in prison,  twitter,  two parts,  two pianos,  two sounds,  typing,  udp,  ukulele,  um hello,  uncertainty,  unclear whether i should be paying attention yet,  underwriting,  undress,  unintended,  union rep,  unison,  unnecessary use of force,  unnecessary use of technology,  unperformance,  unsleazy,  upload download perform,  uploaddownloadperformdotnet,  upright,  upright bass,  vacation,  vacuum,  variation,  variations,  vegetable,  veranda moot,  verbal notation,  verbal score,  vessels,  vibraphone,  vice versa,  video,  video art,  video tutorial and booklet score,  vidro,  vigil,  viola,  violin,  violinist,  violist,  visual acuity,  visualization,  vocalists,  voice,  voicemail,  voices,  vow,  vowel,  waiting,  waiting to wake up from this nightmare,  walk,  walk away,  walker,  walking,  walking meditation,  wall decorations,  warmth,  water,  water yam,  waterall,  wax lips,  we,  we are the world,  we could use a little more help,  we reach,  wealth,  weaponry,  weather,  webart,  websites,  wedding,  weight,  weingarten,  well see,  whammy,  what the fuck are you thinking,  wheatgrass,  whiskey,  whisper,  whistling,  white noise,  white paper,  why does this always happen,  whywhywhy,  wiggling,  wind,  wind quintet,  window,  windows,  wine,  wink,  wishing you were elsewhere,  without tempo,  woodwind,  woodwinds,  workshops,  worship,  writing,  wrong formatting,  wrong order,  wtf,  wurstkuche,  wynwood,  xo,  xxx,  yambos,  yawn,  yeah,  yelling,  yoga,  you,  youtube,  yuck,  zazen,  zen,  zines,  zones,  2,  420




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