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BEATING.BLINKING for Bass Drums And Breaths (adam overton) 4 movements for 4 bass drummers with 4 volunteers, using blinks, heartbeats, and breaths...
economics (David Pocknee) "in art, as in life, those with the most money control the cultural agenda..."
for six (Dominic Lash)
Hamlet (Carolyn Chen) opera for 6 percussionists, starring tabla, steel drum, and timpani
It Is Too Late Now Your Life Is No Longer Beautiful (Richard Kamerman)
Piece A of the Piece (Brian McCorkle) Experiment in movement, drone, and planetary bodies
Sculpture #3 (Ţráinn Hjálmarsson) Animated notation
sechs (2010) (stefan thut)
Ten Phrases score (Charles Turner) For 1 to 10 instruments or singers.



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after two three (Rasmus Borg)
Ligeti for Two Pianos (Ian Power) A performance art piece for viola, two pianos, assistants, and a recording of Ligeti's Viola Sonata.
Nympholepsy (Adam Scott Neal) solo flute - modern and fast-paced
Quis est homo (Ian Power) After Pergolesi's Stabat Mater, for soprano and handheld tape recorder
Scalar (Peter Bo Rappmund) In two parts: movement and drone.
Syke (Martin Iddon)




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