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Peter Bo Rappmund


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Peter Bo Rappmund
page last updated Sun, 21 Jun 2009,  2:45pm PDT
last comment posted on Sun, 21 Jun 2009, 12:00am PDT



A sight to sound reinterpretation of the video for Three/3.  Conducted by Ulrich Krieger and performed by Sonic Boom.  The video is the source material for the graphic score.  Film structure is based on isorhythms in the Kyrie of Machaut's Messe de Nostre Dame.  Files below: sight to sound graphic score for Sonic Boom;  sound to sight for aforementioned video (reinterpretation of original score as instructions for film); video for Three/3; video of rehearsal by small ensemble.



Keywords:   machaut, paul lloyd sargent, isorhythm, noise, drone, sonic boom ensemble, film, video, sound to sight, sight to sound, graphic
Duration:   5 minutes
# of Performers:   11



Materials / Instrumentation / Performers
To be reconstructed through visual and sound languages



THREE 3 Sight to Sound Graphic Score for Performance - PDF file
THREE 3 Sound to Sight Source Material and Graphic Score for Film - JPG file



Score / Notes
for: Sonic Boom






Recent Performances
have you performed this?


Wed, 15 April 2009
posted by PBR, 06/21/09  Directed by Ulrich Krieger and performed by the Sonic Boom ensemble at the Roy O. Disney Concert Hall.




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posted by PBR, 03/29/09

posted by PBR, 06/21/09



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