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' strings ' - Emmanuel Witzthum (cotton goods) String trio was composed as a set of variations to the song “Mama Yo No Tengo Visto” which is a 16th century Jewish ladino melody. In Hebrew the song is called “calmness”. In writing the work I deconstructed the song by separating the tones of the melody and what the melody was “meant” to convey metaphorically. With the tones I created a series of horizontal and vertical alternate melodies and sets which relate to one another in fields, with  the “metaphorical” meaning I attempted to express a process of calming down.  The work itself is devoid of rhythm, as such it focuses not on the act of  “performing” the tone but on the space between the tones, in the silence that is borne out of the tones intent or potential. In addition the tones do not have articulation or dynamic markings so as to allow the performers as much flexibility for creativity and expression as possible.  Without rhythm the piece does not have a fixed duration (as demonstrated by the durations of the two performances on this release), nor do the performers have to adhere to a fixed metronome. They instead should lead and follow, they should be capable to return to an essence of chamber music which I feel is lost in our times, of creating together, of a whole created by it parts, each time different, each time unique, each time without original.  Without articulation or dynamics, the tones are equal, the performers decide how to play their tones while the score offers them only a framework within which their interpretations can be expressed. It is my hope with this release that musicians will take the score which is added to the LP and create their own renditions and interpretations of the piece be they acoustic or electronic.  This release is a blueprint, an invitation to share and communicate -so too is the score.  Please visit http://uploaddownloadperform.net/CottonGoods/Index to download the score and upload your interpretations   Emmanuel Witzthum 6.3.2011, Jerusalem
(003 001 002 023)
But hey, that's the sort of thing we all want to see in 3D.
(Richard Kamerman)
018 Organ Soundings (Douglas Farrand)
100 Pieces / 1 Hour (ADACHI Tomomi) "100 Pieces / 1 Hour" is a collection of 100 scores for performances. It was composed from 14:00 to 15:00 (JST) on March 11th 2011 at Tokyo. The composing process was a kind of performance and also a private ritual itself. All scores are independent and each for a single (or multiple) performance. They are direct responses to works by George Brecht, though it is not only one name. A few pieces include Japanese words.
10/26/13 - 11:28pm (RainGoat)
10/26/13 - 12:10am (RainGoat)
(10) committee naming committee (Mikal Czech)
111111111111 (ADACHI Tomomi) Time-specific composition.
(11) barf piece (Mikal Czech) barf
(Mitsuteru Takeuchi)
12 amplified aggrandizements (MARTIN BACK)
(12) occupy everything (dead weight) (Mikal Czech) chillaxistance
(13) chit chat revolution!! (Mikal Czech)
(14) ([con])sens[t]u(s)al revolution (Mikal Czech)
(15) heart-shaped lollipops, while you march or occupy (Mikal Czech)
15 steps (Matthew Taggart)
(16) #occupyHashtag (Mikal Czech)
(17) People's Mic (John Coltrane) (Mikal Czech) for Ben Davis
180° (Liam Mooney) a piece where performers play triangles with dry ice
(18) Hackey Sack Tournament (for the people of Oakland) (Mikal Czech)
(19) be coooooool man (Mikal Czech)
(1) Just a Minute(s) [Variations] (Mikal Czech)
20051 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20061 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20062 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20071 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20081 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20082 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20083 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20084 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20086 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20091 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20092 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20093 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20094 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20095 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20101 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20102 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20103 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20104 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20105 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20111 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20112 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20113 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20114 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20115 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20121 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20122 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20123 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20124 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20125 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
20127 (Manfred Werder) indeterminate
(20) Group Decisions (systems) (Mikal Czech)
(21) Violin Concerto in Occupy♯ (for Jen Karmin) (Mikal Czech)
(22) Violin or Guitar Concerto in Occupy♭ (for Jen Karmin and Shellac) (Mikal Czech)
(23) Violin Concerto in Occupy minor (for Jen Karmin) (Mikal Czech)
(24) pajama revolution (Mikal Czech)
(25) #makePlans (oops) (Mikal Czech)
(26) Occupy Our Words (Mikal Czech)
(27) #occupySteps (Mikal Czech)
(28) #breakInLine (food) (Mikal Czech)
(29) #occupyRobby (Mikal Czech)
(2) lend a hand (or two) (Mikal Czech)
30 Notes for Drum (Todd Lerew)
(30) work it out (Mikal Czech)
(31) Love, Music, Wine and Revolution (Mikal Czech)
(32) Recharge (Mikal Czech)
(33) an in-tents party (Mikal Czech) for PsykO P
33 etc (Madison Brookshire)
33 etc white opacities (Madison Brookshire)
33 Variation (Madison Brookshire)
(34) expressing immediate desires or we want bread and roses too (Mikal Czech)
(35) Remember the Malmo!! (Mikal Czech)
36-63-56 (MARTIN BACK)
36 exclamation points (john)
36 knots in your stomach (john)
(36) Something In The Way (for #occupySeattle) (Mikal Czech)
(37) #occupyBooks (for the 5554 books from the Peoples Library the NYPD destroyed on Nov 15) (Mikal Czech)
(38) PEPPER MINT, NOT PEPPER SPRAY!! (Mikal Czech) in solidarity with those assaulted at #UCDavis, #occupySeattle, and #occupyPortland
(39) Balance (Mikal Czech)
(3) spirit fingers (1) (Mikal Czech)
3x3 (Jukka-Pekka Kervinen) for piano
(40) open doors (welcome) (Mikal Czech) door jambs, and other ways to hold a door open for a meeting or social gathering
(41) Dear Officer (Mikal Czech) things to say a peace officer as they're trying to evict, disperse, or/and arrest you for nonviolently occupying a public or private space while exercising your 1st amendment rights
(42) With Blue Hands (Mikal Czech)
(43) Human Tetris (Mikal Czech)
(44) constraint manifesto (Mikal Czech)
(45) general disassembly (good vibes version) (Mikal Czech)
(46) general disassembly (where do we wiggle our fingers from here? version) (Mikal Czech) where do we wiggle our fingers from here?
(47) W.W.Harry.Hay.D? (Mikal Czech)
(48) please don't be pushy (Mikal Czech) please don't be pushy – we've still some time ...
(49) general disassembly (conflation version) (Mikal Czech)
4:BG04/10PVD'09 (Richard Kamerman) a private work for a public space
4 Abrasions (MARTIN BACK)
(4) a new life in miniature (Diorama Club) (Mikal Czech)
4 Movements for 1 Player and Some Instruments (ADACHI Tomomi) Visual music. Etude for harmony. Total 20 hours.
(50) apple cider vinaigrette (Mikal Czech)
(51) bottom(s) up coalition (Mikal Czech)
(52) mad lib taxes (Mikal Czech)
(53) general disassembly (get high and watch the wonder years version) (Mikal Czech)



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