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(003 001 002 023)
But hey, that's the sort of thing we all want to see in 3D.
(Richard Kamerman)
100 Pieces / 1 Hour (ADACHI Tomomi) "100 Pieces / 1 Hour" is a collection of 100 scores for performances. It was composed from 14:00 to 15:00 (JST) on March 11th 2011 at Tokyo. The composing process was a kind of performance and also a private ritual itself. All scores are independent and each for a single (or multiple) performance. They are direct responses to works by George Brecht, though it is not only one name. A few pieces include Japanese words.
10/26/13 - 11:28pm (RainGoat)
10/26/13 - 12:10am (RainGoat)
(10) committee naming committee (Mikal Czech)
111111111111 (ADACHI Tomomi) Time-specific composition.
(11) barf piece (Mikal Czech) barf
(Mitsuteru Takeuchi)
(12) occupy everything (dead weight) (Mikal Czech) chillaxistance
(13) chit chat revolution!! (Mikal Czech)
(14) ([con])sens[t]u(s)al revolution (Mikal Czech)
(15) heart-shaped lollipops, while you march or occupy (Mikal Czech)
(16) #occupyHashtag (Mikal Czech)
(17) People's Mic (John Coltrane) (Mikal Czech) for Ben Davis
180° (Liam Mooney) a piece where performers play triangles with dry ice
(18) Hackey Sack Tournament (for the people of Oakland) (Mikal Czech)
(19) be coooooool man (Mikal Czech)
(1) Just a Minute(s) [Variations] (Mikal Czech)
(20) Group Decisions (systems) (Mikal Czech)
(22) Violin or Guitar Concerto in Occupy♭ (for Jen Karmin and Shellac) (Mikal Czech)
(23) Violin Concerto in Occupy minor (for Jen Karmin) (Mikal Czech)
(24) pajama revolution (Mikal Czech)
(25) #makePlans (oops) (Mikal Czech)
(26) Occupy Our Words (Mikal Czech)
(27) #occupySteps (Mikal Czech)
(28) #breakInLine (food) (Mikal Czech)
(29) #occupyRobby (Mikal Czech)
(2) lend a hand (or two) (Mikal Czech)
30 Seconds [Or Longer]: For Jessica And Johnny (adam overton) "microscore" (or longer) for two instrumentalists in close proximity
(30) work it out (Mikal Czech)
(31) Love, Music, Wine and Revolution (Mikal Czech)
(32) Recharge (Mikal Czech)
(33) an in-tents party (Mikal Czech) for PsykO P
33 etc (Madison Brookshire)
33 etc white opacities (Madison Brookshire)
33 Variation (Madison Brookshire)
(34) expressing immediate desires or we want bread and roses too (Mikal Czech)
(35) Remember the Malmo!! (Mikal Czech)
(37) #occupyBooks (for the 5554 books from the Peoples Library the NYPD destroyed on Nov 15) (Mikal Czech)
(38) PEPPER MINT, NOT PEPPER SPRAY!! (Mikal Czech) in solidarity with those assaulted at #UCDavis, #occupySeattle, and #occupyPortland
(39) Balance (Mikal Czech)
(3) spirit fingers (1) (Mikal Czech)
3x3 (Jukka-Pekka Kervinen) for piano
(40) open doors (welcome) (Mikal Czech) door jambs, and other ways to hold a door open for a meeting or social gathering
4 11 2013 w mustafa walker (Matt Robidoux)
(41) Dear Officer (Mikal Czech) things to say a peace officer as they're trying to evict, disperse, or/and arrest you for nonviolently occupying a public or private space while exercising your 1st amendment rights
(42) With Blue Hands (Mikal Czech)
(44) constraint manifesto (Mikal Czech)
(45) general disassembly (good vibes version) (Mikal Czech)
(46) general disassembly (where do we wiggle our fingers from here? version) (Mikal Czech) where do we wiggle our fingers from here?
(47) W.W.Harry.Hay.D? (Mikal Czech)
(48) please don't be pushy (Mikal Czech) please don't be pushy – we've still some time ...
(49) general disassembly (conflation version) (Mikal Czech)
4:BG04/10PVD'09 (Richard Kamerman) a private work for a public space
(4) a new life in miniature (Diorama Club) (Mikal Czech)
4 Movements for 1 Player and Some Instruments (ADACHI Tomomi) Visual music. Etude for harmony. Total 20 hours.
(50) apple cider vinaigrette (Mikal Czech)
(51) bottom(s) up coalition (Mikal Czech)
(53) general disassembly (get high and watch the wonder years version) (Mikal Czech)
(54) Composer/Conductor Lockout !! (Mikal Czech)
(55) Weingarten Rehearsals (Mikal Czech) for the instrumentalist-workers of Cologne and New York, 1958
(more info)
(5) naysayers (they're/their/there) (Mikal Czech)
(6) don't judge a beard by its cover (Mikal Czech) for les figues press
(7) Sit Down (after Naomi Klein) (Mikal Czech)
(9) get down gourmet (Mikal Czech)
A Checklist: Christine's score for making an amazing dance (Anatomy Riot #33 - Scores for a Recession) inspired by real life experience
a color for every ancestor (sand) (experimental meditation database)
a concert series that only occurs when ... (adam overton) ... during a brief but regularly scheduled absence
across (Jukka-Pekka Kervinen) for piano
a DJ that sings like elvin does (adam overton) for Benjamin Strong Davis
Again And Again I Was Somewhere Else (Richard Kamerman)
a hundred times (adam overton) flipping coins ...
Alarms to sleep (Green TextBackground RedBigger TextRyghteNaü)
all audio (kathy mctavish) all available cello sound samples / soundscapes
ALL-MAN AXE (for Casey Anderson) (adam overton)
almost completely still ( : open to all levels :)
almost to death (adam overton) rehearse something almost "to death"...
alone piece (restaurant) (adam overton) for a single man or woman
Alone Together
Between You and Me
(adam overton) ... involving Schwartz & Dietz's 'Alone Together', in 3 simultaneous movements, with an optional Epilogue
alphabetization meditation (experimental meditation database)
alt artspace takeover (adam overton) for McDowell's
A Mousse Tongue (Asher Hartman) A Mousse Tongue  Mousse your hair Mousse your hair Mousse your hair  Mousse it  Mousse your hair  Speak  And Mousse  Mousse and Speak  Take the addresses of your fathers, your forefathers, their fathers and stuff them in your mouth  Speak and mousse your hair  Mousse it  Speak the addresses   Mousse it good Make it stand up  Get a friend A her And make her state her poems While you make your hair stiff  
and Feel (Joseph Cook) The initial realisation of this happened to the composer at the end of a long day. Having walked home, he paused a while before unlocking his front door.
and More Aluminum all (Teodora Stepančić)
And / Or - 4 Pieces for James Orsher (adam overton) four pieces, for James Orsher
an inch off the ground (for sam sfirri) (adam overton)
anti-heroism meditation (experimental meditation database)
a pamphlet of subtle performances (Hammer Museum) (adam overton) a pamphlet of subtle performances, composed for the attendees of the UCLA Art Party at the Hammer, 2/16/2011, as part of the subtle bodies series
a perf art piece that only cats could love (adam overton) for Cara Despain and Candice Lin
a performance for an audience that never existed (funding) (adam overton)
a piece in the style of ... (minus) (adam overton) ... john cale ... minus john cale
Appearing (Madison Brookshire)
append this (Jukka-Pekka Kervinen) Open score for any number of instruments.
a projection on your cock (for credit) (adam overton)
Aria for voice(s) (2010-11) (Alexis Porfiriadis) Verbal (25 actions) - Graphic (10 collages) score for voice(s)
Ariel (Dean Rosenthal) Movement for string quartet
Around C (Liam Mooney) a really easy piece for toy instruments
A Row (Madison Brookshire)
Art As Excuse: [ not ] just because we're horny: spin-the-bottle [ & variations] (adam overton) multiple intimate variations of spin-the-bottle, for 2 or more participants
Art As Excuse: Untitled Private Encounter (adam overton) art as excuse: would you care to meet up at some point for an "untitled private encounter"?



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