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Synchronize Swim Indian Style ( : open to all levels :)
Syke (Martin Iddon)
swoops (Snark Shmoe)
Switch (Mark So)
swept out into the world (Mark So)
suspension of disbelief meditation (experimental meditation database)
Sur la plage (Mark So)
surfaces  6 2007-2009 2  notes (jez riley french)
surfaces  5 2007-2009 2  notes (jez riley french)
surfaces  4 2007-2009  notes (jez riley french)
surfaces  3 2007-2009  notes (jez riley french)
surfaces  2 2007-2009  notes (jez riley french)
surfaces  1 2007-2009  notes (jez riley french)
Surfaces (Austin Sacry)
Sunshine State (pamphlet) (experimental meditation database)
sunshine state (experimental meditation database)
SUNNY Ds - Huachuca City Un-Blues (Mark So)
summer sauna (car or apt) (experimental meditation database)
summer pond, placid morning / Tomb of the Unknown Composer (adam overton)
SUDOKU (Athit Naik) An amalgam of your right and left brain..
subtraction (James Orsher)
subterranean life (Mark So)
subset canon (Michael Winter)
Submit submit smile (Anatomy Riot #33 - Scores for a Recession)
sublime (Mark So)
Stupa (James  Klopfleisch)
Strong Objects of Inconsistent Color (James  Klopfleisch) For 2 or more contrabasses
stringscape 2 (Dominic Lash)
strings (emmanuel witzthum) String trio was composed as a set of variations to the song “Mama Yo No Tengo Visto” which is a 16th century Jewish ladino melody. In Hebrew the song is called “calmness”. In writing the work I deconstructed the song by separating the tones of the melody and what the melody was “meant” to convey metaphorically. With the tones I created a series of horizontal and vertical alternate melodies and sets which relate to one another in fields, with the “metaphorical” meaning I attempted to express a process of calming down. The work itself is devoid of rhythm, as such it focuses not on the act of “performing” the tone but on the space between the tones, in the silence that is borne out of the tones intent or potential. In addition the tones do not have articulation or dynamic markings so as to allow the performers as much flexibility for creativity and expression as possible. Without rhythm the piece does not have a fixed duration (as demonstrated by the durations of the two performances on the release), nor do the performers have to adhere to a fixed metronome. They instead should lead and follow, they should be capable to return to an essence of chamber music which I feel is lost in our times, of creating together, of a whole created by it parts, each time different, each time unique, each time without original. Without articulation or dynamics, the tones are equal, the performers decide how to play their tones while the score offers them only a framework within which their interpretations can be expressed.   It is my hope with the release that musicians will take the score which is added to the LP and create their own renditions and interpretations of the piece be they acoustic or electronic.   The release is a blueprint, an invitation to share and communicate - so too is the score.  Emmanuel Witzthum 6.3.2011, Jerusalem
String Quartet II (Vassilis Chatzimakris)
String piece, August 2011 (David Papapostolou)
STRING DUO for Lucky (Mark So)
string duo (Mark So)
Streams I (Michael Winter)
strawberries and a nap meditation (experimental meditation database)
Strategies 3 (Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen)
stop using good ideas as an excuse meditation (experimental meditation database)
Stones/Water/Time/Breath (Dean Rosenthal) Text score to be performed at a body of water with stones.
stomach workout ( : open to all levels :)
still life (the bungalows) (Mark So)
Still (Scott Cazan) A work of variable length for 2 or more string instruments. Originally written for Andrew McIntosh and Andrew Tholl. Commissioned by Machine Project as part of the coatroom concert series at The Hammer Museum.
step filter (Sepand Shahab)
STEINI (Pall Ivan Palsson) For solo recorder
steam port (otolike)
Stealing (James  Klopfleisch) f(r)o(m)r Michael Pisaro
St. Bernardus (Mark So)
start - stop / lights off - lights on (john)
startled landscape (Mark So)
StartAHabit (it will tit will will you will the) start a bad writing habit
Staring Piece (adam overton) burning holes/wholes while staring...
Stanfordville 20100515 (Richard Kamerman) a social work
stand on things that protrude ( : open to all levels :)
stage study i (alexey zaitsev)
staffage (Mark So)
Stack Blocks (Cecil Touchon)
squeeze a mango meditation (experimental meditation database)
spring mix (Mark So)
spring light (Mark So)
Springing (it's like spooning but with springs instead of spoons) (john)
spread joy [ homeless/famous] (experimental meditation database)
spokes (Jukka-Pekka Kervinen) open score for any number of instruments
Spit Sea Visualization (experimental meditation database)
Spit Action for Chicago (Matthew Taggart) my submission to The Windy Scores: 2012 selecte by Bibianna Padilla Maltos
spit action (Matthew Taggart) Spit Action was a piece written with Gunter Brus in mind. it was my attempt at a more Actionistic approach to what I was exploring. the idea is that the performer sits and fills a cup up with their own spit and at the end of the performance drinks the cup full of saliva. This score has been performed by Matt Taggart and Crank Sturgeon various times within various performance situations that are used as a catalyst for the piece
spirit wall (Mark So)
spinther (Martin Iddon)
Spherical Harmonics (Todd Lerew)
Spatial Economics (Anatomy Riot #33 - Scores for a Recession)
sparse gardens (Mark So)
Sparse and Slow (Charles Turner) an ensemble piece for instruments and/or voices
spaghetti-os meditation (experimental meditation database)
space of an afternoon (Mark So)
space (Michael Pisaro) A piece for audience from 1994.
soundwalk 3 (Mark So)
soundwalk 2 (Mark So)
soundwalk 1 (Mark So)
sound.sound (Michael Winter)
sound demonstrations (Michael Pisaro) these are sound demonstrations that might be heard as pieces.
so to speak (Jukka-Pekka Kervinen) Open score for any number of instruments.
sort I (Michael Winter)
songs without words (Mark So)
song lyric meditation (experimental meditation database)
Song for Stylophone Beatbox - Song by Victor Smith for Rolf Harris (hellocatfood) A piece that highlights the failure of the Stylophone Beatbox to do looping correctly and also look at the evolution of a song
Song for Stylophone Beatbox - Hate Me Now (hellocatfood) Hate Me Now by Nas performed on Stylophone Beatbox
Song for Stylophone Beatbox - Amen Break (hellocatfood) Amen Break by Nas performed on Stylophone Beatbox
Song for Everyone (ADACHI Tomomi)
Song For A Cycles End Score (Odeya Nini)
so much the flowers (Mark So)
Some Trees (Mark So)



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