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Frequently Asked Questions

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last updated Sat, 24 Apr 2010,  3:08am PDT



FAQ: Site Info, Site Policies

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What is Upload .. Download .. Perform . net?

UploadDownloadPerform.net (or UDP for short) is a repository of scores for contemporary experimental performance. Visitors to this site are invited to A) share their experimental scores, actions, rituals, choreographed movements, texts, instructions, suggestions, recipes, meditations, and whatever else, and B) & C) to freely view, download, and/or perform any content on this site...


UDP is built using wiki software (specifically that of PmWiki), which permits visitors to easily edit & format pages, and to upload files.


UDP has been under construction since February 2008, and was launched October 2008.


. . .

Who can share their work here?

Anyone can. It's a big par-tay up in here. Simply Create A Profile to begin...
Also: Please continue reading this page for more details on policies, how-to's, and other tasty bits of "fine print."


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How to use this site

Use this site however you wish (though see below for fine print issues and regarding abuse).
You may also wish to view the How to use this site Piece on the About page...


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Do you have a question that hasn't been answered here?
If so, please ask it on the community Q&A / Suggestions page... All posts will be automatically forwarded to the webmaster, and a response will hopefully appear below your original post within a day or two.

  • Note: before asking a question, please be sure it hasn't already been answered or suggested here on the FAQ page.


(be sure to include an email address in your post if you'd like a direct response - all email addresses will be deleted from the Q&A / Suggestions page after I respond, in order to prevent spamming)


. . .

Feedback & Suggestions

Do you have an idea for how this site could be enhanced?
Have you noticed something working incorrectly? or missing?
Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help to improve this site!!
Please add any user/visitor feedback to the Q&A / Suggestions page. All posts will automatically be forwarded to the webmaster, and a response will hopefully appear below your original post within a day or two.

  • Before shooting off messages to the webmaster, please check this FAQ page as well as previous suggestions to see if yours has already been addressed.
    • (be sure to include an email address in your post if you'd like a direct response)


. . .

Creative Commons and Copyright

The purpose of this site is to share your work for others to see and use at no cost. Therefore it must be understood that all content on this site is released under the Creative Commons flavor-of-your-choice license, which is a form of Copyright that gives visitors advance permission to download and perform your work. Note that ALL artists, authors, et al that contribute to this site are the sole copyright-holders for their respective work, and Upload .. Download .. Perform . net is acting simply as a distributor of the work. Please read up on this site's Creative Commmons policy before uploading or downloading.


. . .

This is a FREE community-service, so back off money-grubbers!!

A free community-service, it is: Upload .. Download .. Perform . net is a FREE, open service, dedicated to distributing contemporary work by interesting, creative people. There is absolutely no fee required to upload to, download from, or otherwise "use" this site, nor will there ever be. All work on this site is contributed with full and express knowledge that it may one day be FREELY viewed, downloaded, and possibly even performed.


Author requests allowed: Contributors are more than welcome to make stipulations on their page regarding any performance & notification requests they may have; however please note that while all Creative Commons stipulations are in fact legally binding, any other requests stated on a contributor's page are not. Visitors: it is requested that you please please please, out of the kindness of your heart, observe the author's wishes as posted on their page.


Licensed/Published work: In addition, works licensed by publishing agents such as BMI, ASCAP, or whoever are more than welcome (please note the publishing section on each page for details), and therefore some performances may result in a fee if they are reported to the agency to which they're registered. However, please note that UDP cannot and will not pay any sort of licensing fees to host your work. Please also note that the absence or lack of publishing information on a contributor's page does not mean that it is not already licensed/published, so proceed at your own risk.


Want to check to see if a title is registered? Visit ASCAP, BMI, ... (??)


Change your Mind?: Contributors are more than welcome to change their mind about sharing their work at any point. Please contact the webmaster if you would like to have some or all of your pages irreversibly deleted forever.


. . .

Don't shoot the messenger: A disclaimer...

Upload .. Download .. Perform . net endorses the free sharing of ideas and works, but cannot and will not be held responsible for the content, quality, danger, or affect of the work offered herein. Please use your own intelligent, empathic judgment - as weighed against the repercussions of any real local statutes, laws, mores, cultural norms, familial obligations, or the physical & emotional health of yourself and others - before performing. Again - the ideas and work expressed here belong solely to its author, and do not represent the views and ideas and endorsement of Upload .. Download .. Perform . net, it's maintainer(s), or any of its users.


Additionally - for those "literalist" visitors who are not yet well-versed in the realm of experimental work, and who might be headed in the direction of doing something dangerous or stupid [because some instructions on this site told you to], or of suing someone on this site for whatever reason, please note the following:

  • not all performance work has to be, or is supposed to be, performed (and this aspect may not be clearly stated in the work itself)
  • some performances can exist simply in the mind
  • there is a tradition of writing/creating/thinking-of works that may be impossible or prohibitively dangerous
  • please read Roland Barthes' Death of the Author - it's basically a disclaimer for every "author", pointing out that s/he/it may not actually endorse, condone, or agree with the things they write.


However - UDP does NOT condone abuse. Please see below for more information on what kind of content consitutes abuse.


. . .

Don't Go Gettin' Your Heart Broken If...

This site comes with no guarantees regarding the "safety" of your work. Please never upload the only copy of your work. As with all websites, this one is potentially susceptible to web vandalism, to server crashes, and/or to just simply disappearing one day. Hopefully none of that will happen, but you never know, and UDP cannot be held accountable. Back it up!


. . .


Due to the semi-open nature of Upload .. Download .. Perform . net, we may occasionally run into some issues of "Abuse" - please be aware of the following before participating in this site:


  • no posting of other people's work: please do not create pages for or add creative content that belongs to someone else, and/or for which you are not the copyright-holder - the only exception is in the case that you have this artist's express written permission. If indeed you are uploading on behalf of someone else and have their permission, please forward any such statements of permission to info@uploaddownloadperform.net before uploading, or else risk the prospect of getting deleted...
  • no meanies allowed: mean or incendiary posts to artists pages are not permitted
  • spam, begone!!: spam of any kind will of course not be tolerated


Please report any abuse you have witnessed on your pages or others to info@uploaddownloadperform.net


. . .


Donations of any kind and amount are greatly appreciated, as this site is currently a labor-of-love that costs energy and money to build, maintain, and host. Donate today!


Some fine print about donations
- Donations of any amount, in USD or foreign currency, are accepted through Paypal, through the account associated with info@uploaddownloadperform.net.
- Note that Upload .. Download .. Perform . net IS a labor-of-love, but is NOT a non-profit entity, therefore donations are not currently tax-deductible.
- Have another way you'd like to donate that doesn't involve money? Contact me!


. . .


For super-important or otherwise private issues, please contact the webmaster at info@uploaddownloadperform.net


. . .

Mailing List

Join the Upload .. Download .. Perform announcements mailing list if you'd like to:

a) receive a monthly email listing new contributors and recently uploaded scores
b) occasionally receive important announcements about major or minor changes, or added features

Don't worry - it's super-low traffic - usually one email a month... To subscribe, visit the UDP announcements mailing list page, or send a blank email to .


. . .

FAQ: Viewing this Site

. . .

Recommended Browsers

It is recommended all contributors consider using the open source web browser Firefox, and download the Dragdropupload Plug-in to make your uploading life simpler. See below for more details...


For viewing, Firefox and Safari work great. Internet Explorer, versions 7 and beyond, seem to work alright, though earlier versions (especially the defunct version 5 for Mac) are totally lame. Beware...


. . .

Note about viewing PDFs (especially with Firefox)

Artists are able to upload all sorts of different filetypes to this site - however, PDFs are fairly common, and viewing them within your browser will require a PDF plugin. See below for specifics related to your browser and platform.


  • most browsers on most platforms can view PDFs (without having to download) by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin (for instance, this works great for Safari, which may already have this installed by default). See the Adobe Acrobat page for more info.


  • It appears, however, that Macs (10.4 and higher) running Firefox 3.0 (and maybe higher) can download pdfs, but unfortunately cannot view them in the browser window. For now, you will need to install this firefox-mac-pdf plugin.
    • Note that as of version 0.9.8 of this plugin, there is a bug the first time you open a PDF document,  causing it to zoom in all the way so that all you can see is the upper-left-hand corner. To view the pdf, you'll need to zoom out by either clicking Cmd-0 once, or clicking Cmd-minus several times until the page comes into view. This issue will likely disappear in future versions of the plugin, or in future versions of Firefox...


. . .

Translate a Page

If you find a page with text written in English that you'd like to then translate to another language, simply use the Google Translate dropdown-menu at the bottom the sidebar.


However, if the page or text you're want to translate is in a language other than English, please visit http://translate.google.com/translate_t in order to view the page.


  • Please note that google's page-translation adversely affects the layout and formattting of the page...


. . .

Checking for Updates - RSS

An RSS feed is available for the entire site so that visitors can easily monitor recent additions and updates to UDP. To do so, click the RSS link in your browser's address bar, or visit http://uploaddownloadperform.net/Site/RSSFeed?action=rss&count=20&list=normal&order=-time. You can keep track of feeds by using handy feed-readers, like your browser (esp. Safari), or Google Reader, or any other online or offline RSS apps.


. . .

FAQ: Creating Profiles, Scores, and Uploading files

. . .

Create a New Profile

If you're creating a new profile page for yourself, simply go to the Create A Profile page and follow the instructions.


. . .

Create a New Profile (Group Projects)

Multiple people can easily contribute to a single profile. Simply Create A Profile just as you normally would, but be sure to also mark the "Group Project" checkbox - this will enable a Contributor-field on score-pages where contributors can list their names, which will then allow scores to be sorted-by-contributor on the group's Index page.


If you forgot to mark the "Group Project" checkbox, don't worry - the webmaster can turn it on for you if you ask nicely.


Regarding security there are two basic strategies for working with a group on this site:


  • 2 password method (most secure): This creates one main password for all group contributors to use (for editing & uploading), and another more secret password for one person to use when administering the group (deleting pages, deleting files, changing passwords). Please see the Passwords & Logins (Group Projects) section below for details on how to set this up. For the sake of security, this is the recommended method.


  • 1 shared password method (least secure): In this scenario, simply create a single password for the group, and then share it with everyone you want to contribute, upload materials, etc. Beware: this single password enables anyone to 1) delete pages, 2) delete uploads, and 3) change the password. This means you better damn well trust everyone involved.


. . .

Changing your profile to a Group Project

If you've already created your profile as a single-artist profile, but now realize you want to change it to a Group Project, the transition is simple:


  1. edit the actual source-code of your page by visiting MyGroup/Index?action=edit
  2. add the following line of code to the top of the page:
    (:GroupProject: true:)


Similarly, if you change your mind and don't want to have a Group Project, simply delete that line, or change true to false.


. . .

Passwords and Logins

Once you've created your profile, you'll need to Login. The default login for all new profiles is udphello. As soon as you login (see the link in the upper right corner of the screen), you'll need to Change your Password by clicking the corresponding link, which also appears in the upper right-hand corner of the page (once you've logged in). Passwords are case-sensitive, so be sure that CAPS LOCK IS NOT ON. Be careful, and please please use a password that you will remember.


If you forget your password, please contact the webmaster; in your groveling, pitiful email to me, please say something that will prove to me that you are who you say you are, and not a spammer trying to hack into someone's page...
Your password will be reset back to udphello. Re-login and change your password yet again to something you remember.


Note that once you change your password, you will likely need to immediately log back in again to continue editing your pages. This is an issue with the wiki for which I don't currently know a work-around.


. . .

Passwords and Logins (Group Projects)

When setting up passwords for a group, you often have the following roles set up:


1. the editors - the entire group (the editors) will have a password that enables them to:
  • create pages
  • edit pages
  • upload files


2. the admin - the group has one person who "administers," or "maintains," the group with a separate password, and has the power to do all of the edit-priviledges above, plus the ability to:
  • delete pages
  • delete uploads
  • set up email notifications


Here's how to set this up:


  1. On your group's main page, click the "Change Password" link [at the top]
  2. Decide on two separate passwords -- an adminPassword and an editPassword. The adminPassword is for you to maintain the group; the editPassword is for everyone in the group to edit and add content.
  3. Fill out the password blanks like this:


Set new edit password:   adminPassword  editPassword
(that's right, put both passwords in, with a space in between them)


Set new attribute password:   adminPassword
(the term "attributes" is PmWiki-lingo referring to the ability to change passwords - only the group admin should be able to do this)


That should do it.


If you run into any problems, just contact the webmaster for some help.


. . .

Oh no! Someone hosed my Group! (Group Projects)

So perhaps someone used your group's 'edit' password to delete content? There's no need to worry - when saving changes, PmWiki is actually set to save the content of previous versions of the page. That means if someone hoses a page, we can go back and look at earlier versions and then restore the last page before it was spammed. This is not a for-sure bet - you'll still want to be careful with who you give your passwords to - but it will hopefully work in most cases.


In the case that something goes awry, please immediately report any abuse you have witnessed on your pages or others to info@uploaddownloadperform.net, and I'll help you revert back to an earlier version.


. . .

Creating New Score-pages and Uploading Files

Once you've logged in, quickly and easily begin creating score-pages and/or uploading files by visiting your Uploads page. See the Upload Files link in the upper righthand corner of your Profile Page, and then follow the instructions for the upload-method that best suits your situation.


Recommended Method
Let's presume you have 10 pdfs for 10 scores that you would like to upload, each of which you'd like to have separate pages for on your profile.


The easiest way to get this material online with the least amount of hassle is by using the option: Upload Files AND Create a New Page for Each File. For each file that you upload, it automatically creates a Score Page with the same name as the file. To save yourself time and energy, please name your files accordingly beforehand. Use appropriate spacing and spelling, and leave out any special characters (no underscores, dashes, etc). Please leave on the extension (.pdf, .jpeg, ...).


My Favorite Score.pdf
will result in the page


This option works even better if you're using Firefox and have installed the Dragdropupload Plug-in -- when you highlight and drag multiple files from your desktop to the form, this plug-in automatically adds them ALL of them. I repeat, this method allows you to drag-drop-and-create multiple score pages in two clicks.


There are other methods as well -- just uploading additional files, without creating pages in the process; and creating score pages without uploading files -- just pay attention to where you are on your 'Uploads' page and you'll be fine.


Please see the Uploads & Permitted Media section below for more info on uploads, such as what kinds of files are permitted, how to embed audio/video/flash, etc...


. . .

Filesizes and Server Space

So you think server space grows on trees, do ya? Well, unfortunately the server space here is limited by lack of funding, so each user of UploadDownloadPerform is currently granted up to 80MB of space per profile (*hint hint*). This amount may go up 1) as I get a better gauge of how much stuff folks are actually trying to upload, 2) once we figure out how many folks end up using it, and how much server space is left over, and/or 3) if UDP gets some sort of grant or funding to pay for extra storage.


However, in the meantime here are some tips saving files with smaller filesizes:



  • if your file has no color, always save it in grayscale-mode
  • if you create a pdf, be sure to use the 'jpeg compression' option when saving it
  • use Photoshop's "File > Save for Web..." function to save your score as a jpg, with the quality set to "medium"
  • for sake of an example, note that a decent quality, 8.5" x 11" PDF, with medium compression, can usually be saved for around 50 to 200KB(!!)
    • ex: if all your files are 200KB, you'll be able to store 256 files here
    • ex: if all your files are 50KB, you'll be able to store 1,024 files here



  • video, audio and animation are more than welcome on this site - however, they're usually pretty huge, so beware...
  • where possible, please do not upload documentation of past performances; save this website's space for scores and materials that might help others perform your work in the present/future
  • upload really big files somewhere else, and then link to them, or better yet, embed them
    • option1: upload your videos to Archive.org, YouTube, or Vimeo, and then embed it on the page (see below for instructions)
    • option2: upload your media (pics, vids, audio, flash) to a free file hosting service, and then link to it:
    • option3: host really big files on your own website, and then link to them from here


. . .

Pages are Reserved for Scores

You're more than welcome to upload whatever you need to your profile, and to create pages in whatever way necessary - but note that individual pages in your profile are intended for hosting scores - not CVs, resumes, or event announcements. However, at this point I am not policing this (though this may change in the future), so for now simply beware: if you decide to post your CV the same way that others are posting scores, then at some point in the near future you risk having your entire career read aloud, or performed, in front of a dazzled and enthusiastic audience. In fact I may event make an entire event or festival of it... : )


. . .

Empty Profiles & Profile Trimming

Definition: An Empty Profile is an artist-page that has no scores added yet, with little to no information added to the profile.


Those with Empty Profiles beware:

  • Note that profiles will not come up via the random artist function until one or more scores have been added.
  • In addition, in order to keep the Search and pagelisting functions for this site lean and accurate, I may occasionally trim/delete empty profiles that have been created, but not populated with scores, and that seem to have been abandoned. Such Profile-Trimming will likely occur after 4-6 months of inactivity... If you come back to discover your parked profile has been trimmed, don't worry, you haven't been banned - just create your profile again with the same name. It's nothing personal...


. . .

FAQ: Markup and Adding Content

. . .

Adding Links to Pages

There are a number of ways to add links to pages. One can link to other artist's pages, or to other websites by following this syntax:


Internal Links:

[[Jane Doe/Great Piece]]  -  shows up as Great Piece
[[Jane Doe.Great Piece]]  -  shows up as Jane Doe.Great Piece
[[Jane Doe(/Great Piece)]]  -  shows up as Jane Doe
[[JaneDoe/GreatPiece | Great Piece by Jane Doe]]  -  shows up as Great Piece by Jane Doe
[[JaneDoe/Index | My friend Jane]]  -  shows up as My friend Jane, and links to her main page


External Links:

http://youtube.com  -  straight forward, external URL to http://youtube.com
[[http://ubu.com | UBU]]  -  an external URL to UBU
%newwin% [[http://radiom.org | RadiOM]]  - opens RadiOM in a new window


for more in-depth info on linking, check out PmWiki's Linking Reference page.


. . .

Permitted Media

  • text: .doc, .txt, .rtf, etc...
  • audio: .mp3, .aif, etc...
  • video: .swf, .flv, .mov, etc...
  • streaming video: youtube, vimeo, googlevideo, and flickr videos.
  • sorry - no .exe's are currently permitted
    • if UDP is refusing to upload your file extension, please Contact me.


. . .

How to Embed Images, Flash, Audio & Streaming Video

embedding images:

Attach:myImage.jpg   (display an image already uploaded to your page)
[[Attach:myImage.jpg | Attach:myImage.jpg]]   (display the image, and make it a link to the file itself)
[[http://mywebsite.com | Attach:myImage.jpg]]   (display the image, and make it a link to somewhere else)
http://blah.com/yourImage.jpg   (display an image from another website - no "Attach:" necessary)
http://blah.com/yourImage.jpg"my image is cool"   (display an image from another website, with a tooltip "my image is cool" that pops up when the mouses hovers over it)


note: to embed an image from another profile on UDP, or to make sure that your images show up when included on other profile pages, be sure to precede the filename with "ArtistName./", like so:
Attach:ArtistName./myImage.jpg   (display an image from ArtistName's page)



for more in-depth info on embedding images in PmWiki, check out PmWiki.Images.


create a thumbnail gallery:

first, upload your images to your profile. then, use some of the following syntax:
Mini:pic1.jpg   (display a single image as a thumbnail)
Mini:pic2.png,pic3.gif   (display only the images you want by listing them, with commas separating them)
pic2 pic3
Mini:pic*   (display all images that start with 'pic'; therefore, this will display pic1.jpg, pic2.png, and pic3.gif)
pic1 pic2 pic3
Mini:ExperimentalMeditationDatabase./2008.10.30.ao.REP*   (display images from another Group or Profile; here, we're posting some images from the Experimental Meditation Database)
2008.10.30.ao.REP.now Smaller 2008.10.30.ao.REP.soon Smaller


* note: don't be alarmed when files with names like "th00---pic1.jpg.jpg" start showing up on your uploads page - these are just the tiny thumbnails that are created when using this Mini: -markup. also note that if you delete these thumbnails, they will be regenerated the next time the page with the Mini: -markup is loaded.


for more details on creating thumbnail galleries, check out Mini.



embedding Flash .swf's from your list of uploaded files:

(:flash Attach:myFlashFile.swf width=320 height=240:)


embedding Flash .swf's from another group, or making sure that your file shows up if the page is included elsewhere on the site (i.e. Calendar):

(:flash Attach:ArtistName./myFlashFile.swf width=320 height=240:)


embedding Flash .swf's from another site:

(:flash http://plus1plus1plus.org/pics/cagespin.swf width=150 height=100:)



embedding mp3's using the Delicious.com playtagger
The delicious.com playtagger is already enabled for this site, which automatically makes any link to an mp3 playable on the page, for instance:


simply provide a raw address to an mp3 (whether on this site or elsewhere):
results in (just click the little blue arrow-button):


or create a link with some text:
[[http://plus1plus1plus.org/pmwiki/uploads/UDP/blahblahblah.mp3 | my link to an mp3]]
results in:


it also works when using the PmWiki Attach: code for an mp3 you've uploaded to your profile:
[[Attach:ArtistName./blahblahblah.mp3 | my other link to an mp3]]
results in:


* note that this is not the only way to present/embed mp3's on this site. See also the Quicktime possibilities below for more options.



embedding QuickTime video from your list of uploaded files:

(:quicktime Attach:ArtistName./mymovie.mov width=320 height=256
autoplay=false controller=true:)


embedding QuickTime audio from your list of uploaded files:

(:quicktime Attach:ArtistName./mymovie.mp3 width=320 height=16
autoplay=false controller=true:)


embedding QuickTime video or audio from another site:

(:quicktime http://plus1plus1plus.org/pics/blahblahblah.mov width=320
height=256 autoplay=false controller=true:)


feel free to alter or add QT arguments as necessary...
note on height: if you wish to show the QT controller be sure to increase the 'height' by 16 - ex: if the height of video is 240, include height=256



Embedding Media from YouTube, Google, Vimeo, and elsewhere is now extremely simple - simply paste the 'embed' code from the site, and UDP will automatically convert it. The wiki-format for these are all very similar: (:youtube videocode parameter1=value1 ... :), (:vimeo videocode parameter1=value1 ... :), etc, though the parameters for each are all slightly different. See below for examples, and visit http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Flash#swfsites to see which parameters are currently available...


If you're using media from a site not listed below, then it may not be supported yet - Contact me and I'll get it installed.



embedding YouTube video:

simply paste the YouTube embed code,
or locate the videocode (the ID at the end of the URL: and type:
(:youtube Cpzza4L5EBw:)
you can specify more parameters too:
(:youtube Cpzza4L5EBw width=100 height=100 autoplay=1:)



embedding Google video:

simply paste the GoogleVideo embed code,
or locate the videocode (the docid at the end of the URL: ), and type:
(:googlevideo 8582686166148377731:)



embedding Vimeo video:

simply paste the Vimeo embed code,
or locate the videocode at the end of the URL (i.e. ), and type:



embedding Audioo audio:

simply paste the audioo.com embed code,
or use the entire the entire audioo.com URL to type:
(:audioo http://audioo.com/t/for-blinky-palermo--dog-star-orchestra/4d4e3e080544ffd/ :)



embedding archive.org video & audio:

simply paste the archive.org embed-code into any edit window and hit save,
archive.org code will look like:
(:archive.org mediagroup/mediafile parameter1=value1 ...:)



. . .

Embedding Pages from Other Sites

It is now possible to embed content directly from some external websites using the following markup:

(:includeurl http://anotherWebsite.com :)
... with optional arguments to determine size and border
(:includeurl http://anotherWebsite.com width=100% height=400px border=1 :)


This is particularly useful if you have content on your own personal website that you might like to include here as well.


However, please note the following before proceeding:

  • Due to major issues with spam and webpage hijacking, this markup is not enabled by default. If you'd like to use it, please Contact me and I will enable it for your group of pages. Please indicate in your email message what page(s) you intend to include.
  • Note that this function does not work as expected with all sites. There are a number of websites that will cause the page to redirect to the included site, which means that your page on UDP will be rendered unviewable(!). If this occurs, you may be able to visit and edit your page by adding ?action=edit to the end of the page URL (i.e http://uploaddownloadperform.net/MyProfile/MyScore?action=edit), and then removing the offending 'includeurl' code
  • Please be careful of copyright infringement. It is recommended that users on this site only include pages from their own websites, and only rarely and for good reason include content from other sites. Inclusions from other sites that violate the copyrights of others will be immediately removed.


For more info on how this markup works and how to use it, please visit http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/IncludeUrl


. . .

What is PmWiki & where can I learn more?


PmWiki is a fabulous, highly functional, open source wiki development tool. Learn more about it through the documentation at http://pmwiki.org, and if you ever see any features offered in a PmWiki Cookbook recipe that is not currently implemented on this site, feel free to make a Suggestion...


. . .

FAQ: Downloads & Printing

. . .

Downloading All Files

Note that visitors are welcome to download one file at a time if desired, but can also download ALL of a contributors uploaded files by looking for the 'Download all files' link. Note however that this only download files, not pages - so if an artist has created any scores by typing directly into a score page, those will unfortunately be missing from the Download All folder.


. . .

Printing Score Pages

Quickly and easily print out a score page by using the 'Print' link in the upper right hand corner of the page. Using this link will hide certain parts of the page, such as the sidebar, searchbar, and any unnecessary links. By default it prints the 'recent performances' and 'comments' sections, but if there is any demand for it, I may try to devise a method where contributors might prevent those sections from printing. Contact me if you'd like to bug me into getting around to implementing this... Note that there's a very slight chance printing results may vary from browser to browser, and operating system to operating system.


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Converting Pages to Pdfs

Unfortunately, right now this site has no simple built-in ways to convert pages to PDFs. I have experimented with a couple PmWiki methods, but haven't had any success yet with something that works or that I like. For now, if you have a Mac, I suggest using the File > Print, which includes a Print-to-PDF option (in the lower-left-corner of the window). This will hide the sidebar and most unnecessary links to print a fairly nice looking page...


Otherwise, I suggest searching for a free online html-to-pdf conversion service, of which there are many. All of them tend to print out quite differently from one another (different margins; some with sidebars, some without; some just plain ugly), so you'll have to experiment. Here are two that seemed to print out alright the last time I tried them:


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