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Delicious Playtagger now working

The Delicious Playtagger is a handy tool that automatically adds a play button to any link to an mp3. UDP contributors need only post a url to an mp3 file (whether uploaded to this site or elsewhere), and no additional embed code is required. For instance:


embedding an external mp3





embedding a local mp3

[[Attach:UDP./blahblahblah.mp3 | my mp3]]

my mp3


(ao, 04 April 2012, at 08:48 AM PDT)


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UDP BirthdayGanza!!

6 November 2011, 8pm
the wulf.


At 3 years old, Upload .. Download .. Perform . net is currently populated with over 1600 experimental scores contributed by more than 100 artists of various disciplines and demeanors. Join us in celebrating with a semi-randomly-derived program of scores from the site!


Plus, our very special friend and guest Francesco Gagliardi from Toronto will be performing!



Francesco Gagliardi, John Burtle, Adam Overton



Jonathan Jackson, nonet (july 2010)


Jacob Feinberg, The NPPCs #2 for solo piano


Victoria Marks, HA or HA HA (2009)
featuring music by Kathy McTavish


Casey Anderson, (4)duos (2010)


CJ Carr, Metaevolution (2010)


Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, append this (2009)


Arianne Hoffmann, The Line (2010)



Video of Jonathan Jackson's nonet.


Video of Jacob Feinberg's The NPPCs #2 for solo piano.



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June 2011 – Upload .. Download .. Perform . net in the news, plus an interview with Adam Overton about UDP!
Friends! My great old friend Jacob Feinberg has released a really wonderful audio interview we did back in March on his new blog Resources for New Music! In it I ramble on about http://UploadDownloadPerform.net, Signify, Sanctify, Believe, and various other topics related to performance, religion, performance-as-social-practice, and more (it's about 40 mins).


Plus, in his previous blog post, Fresh ideas in online distribution of experimental scores, he writes specifically about Upload .. Download .. Perform . net and the history of performance score distribution & exchange - I think this is the first time in its almost-3-year existence that anyone's thought to write about the site!


I'm very proud of the site and our chat - please check it out! Thank you, Jake!


the interview: http://www.resourcesfornewmusic.com/2011/interview-adam-overton/
Jacob writing about Upload .. Download .. Perform . net: http://www.resourcesfornewmusic.com/2011/score-distribution/


(ao, 14 June 2011, at 02:58 PM PDT)



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October 2010 Update

  • Happy 2nd birthday Upload .. Download .. Perform . net
  • Scribd embedding has now been enabled, which means that pdf scores (and other formats as well) can now be viewed on the page by uploading your document(s) first to Scribd.com, and then copying & pasting the embed code onto the score page. Here's an example page with a score embedded. (ao, 28 October 2010, at 02:35 AM PDT)



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Winter 2009 Updates

  • the pagecounter has died : (   ... pagecounts were lost, so we're starting over. we'll turn them back on once they're not so dismal...
  • YouTube, Vimeo, GoogleVideo & Audioo: users can now simply copy-&-paste the necessary embed-code, and UDP will automatically convert it into valid, easy-to-read wiki-code. PLUS, many more parameters have been added for each, including width, height, autoplay, and more. See FAQ#embed for more details.  (20 December 2009, at 03:27 AM PDT)
  • archive.org video and audio can now be embedded on UDP - just copy the embed code at archive.org, and paste it in to any edit window. (20 December 2009, at 04:50 AM PDT)
  • fixed a number of small bugs here and there (20 December 2009, at 03:27 AM PDT)



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900+ scores as 9/9/09 !!
yes, Upload .. Download .. Perform . net's 900th score was added on 9/9/09 by a new visitor. this was totally unexpected, unintended, unstaged... trippy



Two tiny updates

  • Artists can now change their profiles to Group Projects if they want - see Changing your profile to a Group Project in the FAQ (15 September 2009, at 03:05 PM PDT)
  • Artists can now change the default way their scores are listed/sorted on their Index page (17 September 2009, at 03:05 PM PDT)



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FRIDAY, 4 March 2009
UDP v.2.0 !!
With all the great uploads coming in over the past 10 months, the site was starting to slooooow dooowwwwwn, with pageloads of up to 10seconds! But no more! - I've optimized the site architecture, and cleaned up [almost] every square inch of code. The site's now fit and ready for more and more-er. On the surface, not much has really changed, just a lot of cleaning up tiny details, plus a couple new features:


  • you can now set up a default set of keywords, durations, etc, on the 'Uploads' page - which will be automatically added to any new pages you create (02 August 2009, at 05:06 AM PDT)
  • follow UDP on Twitter! (02 August 2009, at 05:06 AM PDT)
  • the Creative Commons license icons throughout the site have been udpated to the most recent versions (v.3.0). these more specific license icons have been added to each Artist's Index page, as well as to the bottom of every score page. for more info visit: CreativeCommons  (15 August 2009, at 06:14 AM PDT)
  • Artists can now include pages from another website on their page by using the following markup: (:includeurl http://someOtherWebsite.com:). This will embed the other website page in a window on your page (note that it doesn't work for all websites). Additional arguments for this markup can be found here: IncludeUrl. Please use this feature wisely, as copyright issues do apply.  (15 August 2009, at 06:14 AM PDT)


Plus, some cleaning up has happened:

  • "last updated" dates are now more accurate and reliable (ao, 03 September 2009, at 06:50 PM PDT)
  • the Keywords, Duration, Materials, and NumPerformers pages are now fully populated - they were incomplete until now, even if folks had entered in their various tags (ao, 03 September 2009, at 06:50 PM PDT)





Summer Updates UPDATE
A MAJOR conversion of the site's architecture occurred over 7/31-8/1/09 - still working the bugs out, but it looks like it's working. Thanks for your patience as I get it all smoothed out, and please report any bugs you encounter along the way. I'll post a full list of new features and changes as soon as the shift is completed. (ao, 01 August 2009, at 04:49 PM PDT)



Summer Updates
In order to the speed up the site, I'm in the process of redesigning how information for artists and scores is stored. Other than quicker pageload times, most changes to the site won't even be noticed. However, there will inevitably be small bugs here and there; if you discover any, please Contact me. (ao, 20 May 2009, at 02:30 AM PDT)


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Spring Updates

  • the random score function (see the sidebar) is now working much much better; before, artists with more scores would come up more often, whereas artists with fewer scores (or perhaps just one score) would rarely ever come up. now, the randomness algorithm first randomly chooses an artist, and then chooses a random score from that artist, which dramatically increases the chances of coming across an artist with fewer uploaded scores. for those who miss the old might-is-right random score method, don't worry, you can still get it here:  (7 may 2009)
  • a bug that was removing dashes (-) from the titles of scores (when uploading files) has been removed... (7 may 2009)
  • instead of leaving the "Year" empty when creating new score pages, new scores are now assigned a default year [thisYear] (which of course can be changed afterward)... (6 may 2009)
  • Upload .. Download .. Perform . net now permits quick and easy sharing of pages and scores on facebook, twitter, delicious and various other social bookmarking sites... just rollover the "share" link in the upper right of the page to begin letting the world know... (3 may 2009)
  • after flooding the pagecount code with enough pagehits to break it, the pagecounts are now working again several days later... (22 april 2009)
  • added support for embedding audioo.com content - see FAQ#embedding for details... (2 march 2009)


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SUNDAY, 1 March 2009, 7pm
Upload .. Download .. Perform . net presents ...
an evening of performances at the wulf.
the wulf., 1026 south santa fe avenue #203, los angeles, california 90021 (entrance on sacramento st.)


the program for this event will consist of scores currently uploaded to http://uploaddownloadperform.net
and features the work of G Douglas Barrett, Francesco Gagliardi, Asher Hartman, and Taylan Susam
as performed by Francesco Gagliardi, Christa Graf & Christine Tavolacci, Asher Hartman & Gul Cagin, and Adam Overton, and Gerhard Schultz


view the program


the program


Upload .. Download .. Perform . net presents ...
an evening of performances
1 March 2009, 7pm
the wulf., los angeles


. . .


* all scores for tonight's performances are available for download from http://uploaddownloadperform.net


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for anthony fiumara - Taylan Susam
performers - Gerhard Schultz, Adam Overton, Francesco Gagliardi
score - http://uploaddownloadperform.net/TaylanSusam/ForAnthonyFiumara
grid realization for 3 players - jpg


NOISE Earl Grey, for Peter Ablinger - G Douglas Barrett
performers - Christine Tavolacci & Christa Graf
score - http://uploaddownloadperform.net/GDouglasBarrett/NOISEEarlGrey


A Mousse Tongue - Asher Hartman
performers - Asher Hartman & Gul Cagin
score - http://uploaddownloadperform.net/AsherHartman/AMousseTongue


|| :  DownloadPerformTranscribeUpload  : ||, for Adam Overton - G Douglas Barrett
performers - Adam Overton, Francesco Gagliardi
performing a transcription of recordings of 3 solo performances of Madison Brookshire's Listen.
(original performances occurred at the first Upload .. Download .. Perform . net event on 24 Oct 2008)
score - http://uploaddownloadperform.net/GDouglasBarrett/DownloadPerformTranscribeUpload
recordings & transcriptions - http://uploaddownloadperform.net/DownloadPerformTranscribeUpload/MBSListenStrain
transcriptions - Adam Overton [jpg] | Francesco Gagliardi: coming soon


Film 2 - Rope. - Francesco Gagliardi
performers - Francesco Gagliardi, Adam Overton
score - http://uploaddownloadperform.net/FrancescoGagliardi/Film


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late-dec 2008 - updates

  • updated "artists" drop-down menu so that it indicates which profiles are empty (have 0 scores uploaded) (25 December 2008, at 05:25 PM PDT)
  • sped page-loads up just a little bit (25 December 2008, at 05:25 PM PDT)


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mid-to-late-nov 2008 - updates

  • RSS has been implemented, for a quick and easy survey of recent updates (19 November 2008, at 12:49 AM PDT)
  • you can now easily create thumbnail galleries on your page using the Mini: syntax - check it out (22 November 2008, at 12:49 AM PDT)
  • added a Links page  (25 November 2008, at 06:43 PM PDT)
  • and handful of teeny bug-fixes (26 November 2008, at 04:24 AM PDT)
  • enabled the Delicious playtagger for all mp3's on this site (28 November 2008, at 12:55 AM PDT)


early-nov 2008 - 500+ !!
after only being public for just over a month, we've now over 500 scores uploaded !!


. . .



24 oct 2008 - Upload .. Download .. Perform . net Release Party !!

Friday 10/24, from 8pm til late @ the wulf.


view the program
* note: Christa Graf & Orin Hildestad also performed a surprise version of Duet for Tashi Wada


press release


Upload .. Download .. Perform is a wiki-project that permits visitors to share experimental performance scores of any kind. Visitors can upload and embed text-files, images, videos, and audio, or simply type-and-save their instructions directly into the page. Uploaded scores are then immediately available to anyone anywhere who might wish to download and perform them.


visit the site: http://UploadDownloadPerform.net


the full program will be announced at the show
but there are rumors that:


. christa graf & christine tavolacci may perform james orsher's ______ music for man ray (2007)...
. jessica catron & jeremy drake may perform audra woloweic's Freckle Exchange...
. corey fogel and adam overton may perform raven chacon's Duet (2000)...
. several of us may perform michael pisaro's sound demonstrations (2003-2007)...
. there may be some solo interpretations of madison brookshire's Listen
. there may be an interpretration of g. douglas barrett's || :  DownloadPerformTranscribeUpload  : || (2008)


and possibly more [or less]


the wulf. is located at 1026 south santa fe avenue #203, los angeles, ca 90021 (southeast downtown close to where the 10 meets the 5). to enter, dial 203 at the door (labeled michael winter or eric clark on the sacramento side of the building) and you will be buzzed in (you can buzz even if you come late and it will not disrupt anything). also, always feel free to bring refreshments and food...




. . .



6 oct 2008 - tidy up & LAUNCH!
press release


. . .



sept 2008 - more cleaning up, more minor features, and a calendar - andddddd, the last little bit of beta-testing (I HOPE!!)


Recent Updates:

  • Calendar added (10 September 2008, at 02:21 AM PDT)
  • "auto-focus" is now working on forms (10 September 2008, at 02:21 AM PDT)
  • now set up for creating 'Group' profiles (multiple editors, 2-password approach) (10 September 2008, at 02:21 AM PDT)


. . .



aug 2008 - getting closer to full release; just cleaning things up, adding some other functionality.


Recent Updates:

  • just switched servers, so hopefully we'll find a better response from the site (there were a lot of timeouts / server-not-founds going on before) (09 August 2008, at 03:14 PM PDT)
  • added link and embed buttons to Notes & Files pages, for easy linking and embedding of files to the page (09 August 2008, at 03:14 PM PDT)
  • much better Title support - alphabetical listings are more accurate, and the code a bit lighter (09 August 2008, at 03:14 PM PDT)
  • when uploading an embeddable file (jpg, gif, mov) and creating a new page at the same time, UDP now automatically embeds the file in the "Score / Notes" section... (09 August 2008, at 03:14 PM PDT)


. . .



mid july 2008 - woohoo! we're in beta (i think) - major features completed - welcome, my fabulous beta-testers!! full public release is hoped for in 2 to 6 weeks...


Recent Updates:

  • artist/score info (Bio, Links, Copyright, etc) now remains hidden from the public view until content is added (15 July 2008, at 01:55 AM PDT)
  • ordering of contributor pages has been reordered... (15 July 2008, at 01:55 AM PDT)
  • fixed some titling stuff: all scorenames and/or converted-filenames are now automatically added to -Title pages (thanks for the sugg. Johnny!) (20 July 2008, at 04:16 AM PDT)
  • added "attach" buttons to -Files pages, for quick addition of links to files (20 July 2008, at 04:18 AM PDT)
  • added download tracking on "Uploads" pages - now each file has a count of how many times it's been downloaded... (20 July 2008, at 04:18 AM PDT)
  • added pageload tracking - every page keeps track of how many times it's been viewed... (20 July 2008, at 04:18 AM PDT)
  • added "description" field, and integrated descriptions into Title-listings... 23 July 2008, at 08:13 AM PDT
  • fixed some bugs in Search... 23 July 2008, at 08:13 AM PDT
  • added tallies of # of scores on artist-pages, and on Category.Artists... 23 July 2008, at 08:13 AM PDT
  • fixed Artist-listings to list by last name  (thanks for the sugg. Natilee!)... 28 July 2008, at 03:35 PM PDT
  • Titles are now sortable by Year, at Category.TitlesByYear, and on Artist-pages... 31 July 2008, at 12:31 AM PDT



. . .



late june 2008 - apartment flooded = delays = hold your horses... beta-testing in july me-hopes...



. . .



early june 2008 - getting close to beta-testing...



. . .



late april 2008 - a little hiatus, but still getting there... flash videos can now be embedded, woohoo... just a few more upload kinks to work out, and then some tidying up... hoping to have things into beta-testing mode by late-May, June or July...



. . .



early/mid march 2008 - getting there...



. . .



mid feb 2008 (just before valentine's day) - after a brief but lengthy discussion with Ryan O'Toole about the existence of PmWiki, the journey to realizing UploadDownloadPerformDotNet commenceth...


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