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Questions? Suggestions? Please add new questions or suggestions to the top of this page (above any previous entries).
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Question / Suggestion example

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30 March 2008, at 05:39 PM PDT


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Opening External Links in a New Window or Tab

Hi Adam,


Any way to have a new tab / window open with external links - outside of UDP?


yep. simply place %newwin% directly before your link. for more details on links than you'll ever need, see this page...
(ao, 26 September 2008, at 03:02 AM PDT)


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Browsing Recent Performances

I would like a way to browse recent performances if any have been uploaded.


hey maria. thanks for writing. it's possible to see all recent performances by visiting the main Calendar page at http://uploaddownloadperform.net/UDP/Calendar (see the Calendar link in the sidebar). then, if you'd like to see recent performances of a single artist, visit their main page, and then click the 'Calendar'-link that's in the upper right-hand corner.
(ao, 02 November 2008, at 03:09 AM PDT)


UPDATE - the link for an artist's recent performance calendar has now been moved - look for the "upcoming & past events" link in the left-sidebar, under the artist's name. this will lead you to http://uploaddownloadperform.net/ArtistName/Calendar.
(ao, 24 February 2009, at 11:40 AM PDT)




performance email notifications

from an emailed suggestion
It would be nice if there were some kind
of notification if someone reports
performing one's score....


as for the notifications, you already CAN : ). next time you're on your page, login, then look for the 'Notifications' link in the upper right. on that page you can enter your email address -- there are two options - one for receiving performance announcements and comments - the other if you want notifications of when your pages have been edited [more useful in a group setting where mutliple folks are working on the pages].
(ao, 24 February 2009, at 11:34 AM PDT)


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Embedding from Audioo.com


Hi - I hope I am doing this right.  I was wondering if there's any way to embed files from audioo.com - thanks in advance!  Taylan
(taylan susam, 02 March 2009, at 08:26 AM PDT)


hey there taylan
i've just installed something that'll allow for the easy embed of files from audioo.com


try pasting this:


(:audioo http://audioo.com/t/for-blinky-palermo--dog-star-orchestra/4d4e3e080544ffd/ :)


the idea is:


(:audioo ''yourFullAudiooURL'' :)


i've never used Audioo.com before, so keep me posted if you run into any problems/bugs while using it...


ps - you might also check out http://uploaddownloadperform.net/UDP/FAQ#embedding for more embedding options on this site.
(ao, 02 March 2009, at 05:23 PM PDT)


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